Genshin Sucrose Main story
First introduction of Sucrose

Sucrose is an alchemist that serves as an assistant to the head alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, Albedo. She specializes in bio-alchemy, which can be seen in her skill set. Sucrose wants to enrich the world with the use of alchemy by transforming the living things that reside in it. She wants to modify existing life, rather than create new ones. Her research often has weird results, but have greatly advanced knowledge in the subject of bio-alchemy.

Sucrose loves to experiment and spend her time on research. She has a true devotion to alchemy and considers her boss Albedo one of the best alchemists out there. Sucrose is often shy and will stutter her words when talking to others. Other people often see her as quiet and introverted. However, she becomes full of passion and emotion when the topic of alchemy is bought up.

Sucrose is a 4-star catalyst user from the region of Monstadt and has a vision of Anemo. She first appeared within the story in the Chalk Prince Event where she guides the player to aide Albedo in his research.

Sucrose Skill Talents

Sucrose’s skill set offers her a variety of ways to deal Anemo DMG to the enemies and trigger the swirl reaction when she is on the battlefield. As a result, you will mostly want to build up her elemental damage or elemental mastery. The skills you should max out will depend on her role on your team.

Her normal attack, Wind Spirit Creation, allows Sucrose to attack up to 4 times using wind spirits that deal Anemo DMG. She can also charge up that attack to deal AoE Anemo DMG to a group of enemies. Sucrose’s normal attack is useful in triggering the swirl reaction to deal extra elemental damage. As a catalyst-user, she can reliably use her normal attacks to deal Anemo DMG without a cooldown. Her recovery after using her normal attacks 4 times is also quick, so you don’t need to rely on canceling her animation out. Her skill’s damage output is low at first, but will increase with ascension rank due to her Anemo DMG Bonus. This skill pairs well with her ascension 1 talent that increases the elemental mastery of her teammates when she triggers a swirl effect.

Sucrose's Elemental Skill
Sucrose’s Elemental Skill

Sucrose’s elemental skill, Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308, pulls enemies toward the location of her wind spirit and launches them while dealing Anemo DMG. The cooldown is 15 second which is fairly long, but Sucrose gets an additional charge at C1. At C4, Sucrose’s normal attack will also decrease the cooldown of her elemental skill when she uses her normal attack talent 7 times. With the support of her constellations, Sucrose can reliably use her elemental skill without worrying about the long cooldown.

Sucrose’s Elemental Burst

Sucrose’s elemental burst, Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II, will throw out a concoction that will pull and launch enemies nearby and deal Anemo DMG to them in the process. Her elemental burst also allows her wind spirit to absorb one element and deal additional damage of that element. Her Elemental Absorption will only occur once during her burst time. Sucrose’s burst is helpful in crowd control as it gathers multiple enemies into one spot. The duration is only 6 seconds, but will consume 80 energy. The high energy cost of her burst requires her artifacts to carry energy recharge on its stats if you plan on using her elemental burst often.

Sucrose is a great character to play in co-op because of her crowd control and support abilities. She can gather enemies together for her teammates to hit while increasing the power of their elemental reactions.

Sucrose Passive Talents

Genshin Impact Sucrose Skills
Sucrose’s Talents

Both of Sucrose’s ascension talents increase the elemental mastery of her party members. This makes her a great support character by increasing the elemental reactions of your DPS units.

Her first talent, Astable Invention, doesn’t benefit her in combat. It allows you to gain double of any character and weapon enhancement materials if Sucrose is used to craft them. This talent only has a 10% to activate, but can potentially save you time on hunting extra materials down.

Sucrose’s first ascension talent, Catalyst Conversion, increases the elemental mastery of everyone in the team by 50 for 8 seconds when she triggers the swirl effect. This buff will only affect party members with the matching element that was used to trigger the reaction. This ascension talent synergizes well with other units of other elements.

Her second ascension talent, Mollis Favonius, will increase your other party member’s elemental mastery by 20% of her elemental mastery after Sucrose uses her elemental burst. Alone, this talent makes her an incredible unit for elemental reactions. However, combined with her ascension 1 talent, your entire party will receive an even bigger buff to their reactions.

Note: Sucrose gets a boost to her Anemo DMG% based on her ascension level.

Astable Invention
Unlocked Automatically

When Sucrose crafts Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, she has a 10% to obtain double the product.
Catalyst Conversion
Unlocked at Ascension 1

When Sucrose triggers a Swirl effect, characters in the party with the matching element have their Elemental Mastery increased by 50 for 8s.
Mollis Favonius
Unlocked at Ascension 4

When Astable Anemohypostatis Creation – 6308 or Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II hit an enemy, increases other party member’s Elemental Mastery based on 20% of Sucrose’s Elemental Mastery for 8s.

Sucrose Constellations

Sucrose C1
Sucrose’s Constellation

Sucrose at her base constellation level can still provide support for her teammates and increase the power of their elemental reactions. She doesn’t need a high constellation level to serve as a powerful support unit, but they do add to the impressive supportive power of her elemental skill and burst.

C1: Clustered Vacuum Field gives Sucrose an additional charge to her elemental skill. This allows the skill to be used 2 times, but you will still have to wait 15 seconds for 1 charge. This constellation level gives Sucrose the power to use her elemental a lot more consistently instead of waiting 15 seconds to activate it. This level also pairs well with her ascension talent that gives a buff to the elemental mastery after activating a swirl reaction.

C2: Beth – Unbound Form increases the duration of Sucrose’s burst by 2 seconds. This effect provides a buff to Sucrose’s burst that will allow it to deal more damage over time.

C4: Alchemania will reduce the cooldown of her elemental skill when she uses her normal or charged attack 7 times. The range will be anywhere from 1 second to 7 seconds.

C6: Chaotic Entropy allows Sucrose to become an even better support by buffing the elemental DMG of her party members by 20% when her burst triggers an elemental absorption. Only the element that was absorbed will get the bonus. This constellation level makes her an extremely powerful unit whenever she uses her burst.

Constellation LevelsEffects
C1: Clustered Vacuum FieldAstable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 gains 1 additional charge.
C2: Beth – Unbound FormThe duration of Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II is increased by 2s.
C3: Flawless AlchemistressIncreases the Level of Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4: Alchemania The cooldown of Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 by 1-7s for every 7 Normal or Charged Attack hits she scores against opponents. One hit may be counted every 0.1s.
C5: Caution: Standard FlaskIncrease the Level of Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6: Chaotic EntropyIf Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II triggers an Elemental Absorption, all party members gain a 20% Elemental DMG Bonus for the corresponding absorbed element during its duration.

Support Build

Support build for sucrose
Support Build

As an Anemo user, Sucrose can provide support with her ability to swirl enemies together and increase the power of elemental reactions for her team. This build focuses on her ability to activate her elemental burst and skill. Her teammates can include a variety of characters that can make use of her elemental absorption effect. She can also pair up with another Anemo user to increase the cooldown of her elemental skill and collect more anemo particles to recharge her burst. The skills you should focus on will depend on your constellation level and your preference. Her normal attack will still be useful, but take less priority.

Her two recommended weapons are the Sacrificial Fragments or the Mappa Mare. They both increase Sucrose’s elemental mastery, but the Sacrificial Fragments will increase it a lot more than the Mappa Mare. The Sacrificial Fragments has a chance to reset the cooldown of her elemental skill when Sucrose hits an enemy. This weapon is useful to minimize the effects of the long cooldown of her elemental skill. Her C1 and C4 effect will also help Sucrose use her elemental skill more often. The Mappa Mare grants an elemental damage bonus when Sucrose triggers a reaction. This will help her deal more overall damage with her reactions. However, the Sacrificial Fragments will give you more support for her teammates with the elemental mastery boost. The Mappa Mare can be crafted, while the Sacrificial Fragments can only be obtained through wishing. If you don’t have the Sacrificial Fragments, the Mappa Mare will still make a nice substitute for it.

The Favonius Codex is a decent option to increase Sucrose’s energy recharge. This weapon will also generate energy particles for the team when Sucrose lands a critical hit.

Another good weapon for Sucrose is the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayer. It is a 3-star weapon that will increase the attack of the character she switches to. This increase scales on the refinement level and can buff her teammate’s attack by 48% at max refinement level. This weapon is useful if you plan to not attack with Sucrose.

For her recommended artifact set, the 4-piece Viridescent Hunter is the best set to use for Sucrose. It will increase both Sucrose’s Anemo DMG and her Swirl DMG%. The 4-piece bonus will also decrease the elemental resistance of enemies that are hit by her swirl reaction. This set is incredible for Sucrose because of her ability to reliably attack with Anemo and trigger the swirl reaction. If you don’t have access to this artifact set yet, the Wanderer’s Troupe will make a decent substitute until you can get the Viridescent Hunter. This artifact will increase Sucrose’s elemental mastery and increase the power of her charged attack. For her stats, you will want to primarily focus on elemental mastery to increase the power of her support and elemental reaction. Energy Recharge will also be nice to use her high energy burst more often. However, it can be replaced with Crit DMG% or Crit Rate if you have another Anemo user on the team. You will also want to focus on Anemo DMG on the Goblet since all her attacks deal Anemo damage.

Crit Build

Sucrose DPS build
Critical Build

This build focuses more on a DPS Sucrose that can land consistent critical hits with her attacks. It is important to remember that her Swirl reaction does not do critical damage, so your elemental mastery won’t be as important unless you want to focus on her reactions as well. Like the previous build, Sucrose can work well with a variety of other characters. I recommend having two pyro users, to get a boost to everyone’s attack stat. For this build, you will want to max out her normal attack as that will be her main attack outsource. Her elemental skill and burst will also be helpful to deal Anemo DMG and trigger swirl.

Her recommended weapons are the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds and The Widsith. The Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is a 5-star weapon that will increase Sucrose’s Crit Rate. It will also boost her Elemental DMG every 4 seconds while she is on the field. This skill will only stack up to 4 times. Overall, this weapon is the best weapon for a DPS Sucrose because of its damage output. You can also use the 4-star weapon, The Widsith. This weapon will increase her Crit DMG and give her one of the following effects when Sucrose enters the field:

  • Recitative: Increases Base ATK by 60%
  • Interlude: Elemental Mastery is increased by 240
  • Aria: Increases all Elemental DMG by 48%

The effect will last only 10 seconds and can only occur every 30 seconds.

The Skyward Atlas is another 5-star weapon you can use that will increase Sucrose’s ATK. It will also increase her elemental damage and can trigger a cloud that can damage enemies.

The Favonius Codex can be used to generated energy for herself and the team when Sucrose lands a critical hit.

For her recommended artifact set, a mix of the Viridescent Hunter and the Gladiator’s Finale will raise both Sucrose’s Anemo DMG and ATK%. This will boost her total damage output with her normal attack. You can also go for 4-piece Viridescent Hunter to utilize the damage from her swirl reaction. For the stats, you will mainly want to focus on Crit Rate or Crit DMG. Anemo DMG% and ATK% will also work nicely with this build.


Childe is a powerful DPS unit that can utilize Sucrose’s crowd control ability to gather enemies together for his melee stance.

Diona can provide a source of healing and Cryo Dmg for the swirl reaction.

Xinqiu can provide Hydro Dmg to enemies. He also pairs well with Childe as a DPS unit.

Xiangling’s elemental skill and burst work well with Sucrose’s swirl reaction.

Bennett can provide support and boost attack with his elemental burst.

Fischl can provide electro reactions for the swirl effect.

Good for crowd controlLow cooldown on elemental skill at C0
Boosts EM of teamHigh energy cost of burst
Can craft additional materialsCan not break enemy shields easily.

Recommended Domains: Peak of Vindagnyr


Sucrose NBanner
Sucrose in the Chalk Prince Event

Sucrose is an amazing support character that can provide your team with the boost they need to deal more damage. She specializes in increasing the elemental reaction of her party, but can deal damage as a DPS unit as well. Sucrose is also decent to have to gain more materials when crafting. However, her burst and skill and be restricting because of their long cooldown and high energy cost. Overall, Sucrose is good to use at C0, but becomes even better with a high constellation level.

What do you think of Sucrose? Is there anything I missed? Let us know in the comments below! You can also reach out through our Twitter or my Discord handle Seyfrid#2589.

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