The Primo Geovishap is the newest elite boss in the latest 1.3 Genshin Impact update. This boss has high defenses along with a powerful elemental breath that can be a struggle for any unprepared adventurer. Here are some tips and tricks on how to beat the Primo Geovishap, along with some characters I recommend using against this boss. To skip to the TL:DR section click here.


Primo Geovishap location
Overworld map to his lair

The Primo Geovishap can be found in Liyue near Tianqiu Valley. He will be infused with one of the following elements when you face off against him: Electro, Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo. Depending on the character’s position, his attack pattern will change:

  • When the character is behind him: Spinning
  • When the character is far away: Burrow and Primordial Shower
  • When the character is in front: Slash, Punch. and Elemental Breath

The Primo Geovishap’s elemental breathe can be deadly, so it is best to bring a character that can generate a shield. The best way to also deal damage to this boss is to counter his elemental blast with a Geo shield. A Geo shield is better than other elemental shields because it is capable of defending and countering against all of its elements. Attacking from behind will also be more effective against this boss. When your character attacks in front, the boss will unleash more attacks.

Defeating the Primo Geovishap will allow you to obtain character ascension shards for characters that have the element of Geo, Electro, Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo. The boss also has a chance to drop the Gladiator’s Finale & Wanderer’s Troupe artifact set and the Juvenile Jade. The Juvenile Jade is needed to ascend certain characters like Xiao. You will need to consume 40 resin to collect the rewards.

Attacks and Abilities

geo boss
Primo Geovishap – Electro
  • Punch: Launches a punch toward the character.
  • Spin: Charges and performs a spinning attack.
  • Slash: Uses his claw to attack forward.
  • Combo Slash: Attack forward 2x, and performs a slam towards the player.
  • Burrow: Goes underground and moves towards the character. He will also spawn a rune-covered rock, and then resurface with a slam.
  • Elemental Breath: Unleash a breath of elemental power of his current infused element.
  • Primeval Spring: Spawn a barrage of rune-covered rocks around the arena that will explode after a short while to deal damage with his current infused element.
  • Primordial Shower: Unleash a blast of elemental power of the infused element in a huge AOE.

Hidden Achievements

Countering the Primo Geovishap’s breath attack with a shield will earn you these hidden achievements and net you 5 primogems each.

Deflection! – Use a shield to counter a Prime Geovishap’s Primordial Shower.

You Can Have Those Back! – Use a shield of the matching type (or a Geo shield) to counter a Geovishap’s Primordial Shower attack and deal immense DMG.

Recommended Characters

The attacks from the Primo Gevoishap can be annoying to deal with, but the damage can be minimized with the use of a Geo shield. Other elemental shields will work as well if they are the same one as his infused element. Having a Geo shield is easier as it will work on all of his breath attacks and counter back to deal damage. You will also want to bring your strongest DPS character that can dish out powerful hits against him. I recommend a claymore user like Diluc or Chongyun to deal heavy strikes against him. Having a healer is also necessary if your shield strength isn’t enough to reduce the damage taken.

Zhongli’s elemental skill can generate a shield to counter the boss’s elemental breath. His burst is also handy to deal Geo damage to the boss. With the geo buff, Zhongli’s shield will boost the damage of the character that is protected by it. Dealing damage while protected by a shield will also decrease the boss’s Geo RES for 15 seconds.

Noelle can generate a shield with her elemental skill. She is also a powerful support character that can heal the team while tanking the hits from the Primo Geovishap. Her shield also got a buff in 1.3, allowing her and other characters to deal more damage when protected by her shield.

Qiqi can heal back the damage of your team if the attacks from the Primo Geovishap are too much for them. Her defenses aren’t fragile like other healers, allowing Qiqi to regenerate more health than is lost. I wouldn’t recommend Barbara, unless she can take the hits from the boss or is protected by a shield.

With the use of Mona’s elemental burst, the Primo Geovishap will take increased damage during the duration of her Omen. This is useful to deal more damage against the boss, allowing you to defeat it quicker.

Diona’s shield will only counter the Cryo version of the Primo Geovishap. Her elemental burst can also heal characters within the range of her AoE.

Xinyan’s shield will only counter the Pyro version of the Primo Geovishap. Her elemental burst can deal both Physical and Pyro DMG toward the boss.

Beidou’s shield will only counter the Electro version of the Primo Geovishap. She can also store the energy from the damage to unleash back on to the enemy.


primo geovishap  mystical beast
Primo Geovishap
  • Use a geo shield to counter all of his elements. Zhongli and Noelle are the only current Geo characters that can do this. Make sure you put up a shield before he unleashes his breath attack. A warning should appear on the screen when he is about to use it.
  • Counter his elemental breath. Using an elemental shield of the same element will counter his attack and deal damage back to him. Geo shields will work on all elements.
  • Attack from behind. Attacking in front of him will make it harder to combo attack as he will attack more often.
  • Don’t move away from him. Moving away from the boss will cause him to burrow underground.
  • He will not change elements. His current element that you encounter him in will remain the same until. you defeat him.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you conquer the Primo Geovishap! Is there anything I missed? Let us know in the comments below! You can also reach out through our Twitter or my Discord handle Seyfrid#2589.


2 thoughts on “How to Defeat the Primo Geovishap | Genshin Impact

    1. Hi Laylah, it will really depend on the element he is in. Generally, you can use a Geo character like Noelle or Ningguang to trigger crystallize to counter him that way. Noelle also can create a shield that can counter him and heal. Use Diona for the Cryo version and Xinyan for the Pyro version. Beidou for the Electro version. Hope that helps!


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