Ningguang is a 4-star Geo catalyst user from the region of Liyue. She first appears within the story during the Rite of Rex Lapis.

f2p build for Ningguang
Ningguang and Rex Lapis

Ningguang is the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, a group of merchants that operate in Liyue Harbor. She is considered one of the wealthiest people residing in Liyue Harbor. As Tianquan, her responsibilities lie in the law and governance division of Liyue Harbor. Not only does she embody the definition of law and order, but Ninguggang also represents fortune and wit to many members living in Liyue. Although the other members of the Liyue Qixing prefer to keep a low profile, Ninguggang is widely known throughout Liyue Harbor. Everyone views her as an amazing merchant with a great personality that anyone can rely on.

Ningguang’s greatest accomplishment is the Jade Chamber that resides in the skies and watches all of Liyue. She has built the chamber from a single room and has expanded it into the marvelous building it is now with years of dedication. Ningguang is rumored to know everything that is happening in Liyue as she watches down from her Jade Chamber. That is only half true, as Ningguang has informants hidden all over Liyue that will tell her everything she needs to know. The Jade Chamber is a symbol of her wealth and power over Liyue as it towers above everything. After the revival of Osial, Ningguang chooses to sacrifice the Jade Chamber to defeat the old god. This shows how much she loves Liyue and her desire to protect it at all costs. She plans to rebuild it to its former glory one day.

Fun Fact: Ningguang’s least favorite food is the Golden Crab.

When Ningguang first found her Geo vision, she viewed it as a new business opportunity and wanted to sell it. However, the Vision began to glow in her hands, claiming her as its owner. Her many attendants celebrated her for receiving the divine power, but to her alone, this was a failed business opportunity. To this day, Ningguang still believes that using Mora can solve more problems than by using a vision.

Ningguang Skill Talents

As a catalyst-user, all of Ningguang’s skills will deal Geo DMG to the enemy. She can be a powerful DPS that can also support the team with her geo construct. However, her constellation levels are needed to boost her damage output.

Ningguang’s normal attack

Ningguang’s normal attack talent, Sparkling Scatter, will shoot 2 gems from her sides that will deal Geo DMG at the enemy. Her constellation 1 effect will allow her to deal AoE DMG after her gems hit their target. Ningguang will also be given 1 Star Jade after using her normal attack talent. She can obtain a max of 3 stacks by using her normal attack. Her stacks will reset if she leaves the field or after a certain amount of time has passed. Although her attacks will hone into its target, the targeting system does have some flaws. For example, Ningguang can only hit enemies within a certain radius and may miss if they move out of the way.

Her charged attack will fire off a giant Gem that will deal Geo DMG in exchange for stamina. It will require no stamina if she has a Star Jade as a result of her ascension 1 talent. Ningguang will also fire off all of her Star Jades to deal additional damage to the enemy. She can reliably use her charged attack to attack enemies as she can attack from a distance. Ningguang’s charged attack will be her primary source of damage as a Main DPS.

Ningguang burst build
Ningguang’s elemental skill

Ningguang’s elemental skill, Jade Screen, will create a Geo construct that can block enemy projectile and deal AoE Geo DMG. Ningguang can use it as a shield to counter long distanced attacks while attacking from behind the screen. The endurance of this construct will scale off Ningguang’s Max HP and will automatically shatter after 30 seconds if it is not destroyed first. Her elemental skill can generate 3 energy particles every 6 seconds if it hits an enemy. Passing through her Jade Screen will provide a 12% buff to the character’s Geo DMG for 10 seconds. This synergizes well with other Geo characters and can boost the damage of their elemental skill and burst. Ningguang can also use it herself to boost her damage. At C4, her Jade Screen will boost the elemental resistance of nearby characters as well. Only 1 Jade Screen can exist at a time. Ningguang’s elemental skill has a cooldown of 12 seconds before you can reposition it.

Ningguang's elemental burst
Ningguang’s elemental burst

Ningguang’s elemental burst, Starshatter, will fire off 6 gems projectiles at the enemy and deal AoE Geo DMG. If her burst is used when her Jade Screen is nearby, Ningguang will fire off 6 additional gems at the enemy. Not all of the gems will hit their target if there are obstacles in their way. It is recommended to use it in an open space without a lot of obstacles nearby. I also recommend passing through her Jade Screen first before activating her burst to boost its damage output. The cooldown of her elemental burst is 12 seconds with an energy requirement of 40. This is fairly low, allowing Ningguang to reliably use her burst.

In co-op, Ningguang is best used as a Geo damage dealer. She does have some support abilities with her elemental skill, but they require teammates that can deal Geo DMG.

Ningguang Passive Talents

best builds for Ningguang
Ningguang’s Talent Screen

Ningguang’s passive talent, Trove of Marvelous Treasures, allows her to view all nearby ores on the map while she is in the party. This ability is useful in finding materials to craft weapons or level up your weapons. This talent is not region-locked and can work in all areas of the map. Having Ningguang on the team will allow you to explore the map more effectively to mine for resources.

Ningguang’s ascension 1 talent, Backup Plan, allows her to use her charged attack without consuming stamina as long as she has a Star Jade. Star Jades can be obtained from her normal attack talent. Upon hitting its target, she will be granted 1 Star Jade. Ningguang’s charged attack will deal additional damage if she has a Star Jade as well. However, the Star Jades will be consumed after her charged attack is used, so Ningguang cannot infinitely fire off her charged attacks. She can only have a maximum of 3 Star Jades, not counting the ones from her constellation level 6 effect.

Ningguang’s ascension 4 talent, Strategic Reserve, will grant any character passing through her Jade Screen a 12% Geo DMG Bonus for 10 seconds. This talent can serve as a powerful support talent for other characters like Albedo or Zhongli, as it can boost the damage of their elemental skill and burst. It can also be used on herself to boost the power of all of her attacks.

Ningguang gets a Geo DMG Bonus based on her ascension rank.

Trove of Marvelous Treasures
Unlocked Automatically

Displays the location of nearby ore veins (Iron Ore, White Iron Ore, Crystal Ore, Magical Crystal Ore, and Starsilver) on the mini-map.
Backup Plan
Unlocked at Ascension 1

When Ningguang is in possession of Star Jades, her Charged Attack does not consume Stamina.
Strategic Reserve
Unlocked at Ascension 4

A character that passes through the Jade Screen will gain a 12% Geo DMG Bonus for 10s.

Ningguang Constellations

c6 Ningguang build
Ningguang’s Constellations

Ningguanng’s constellations offer a mix of supportive and offensive effects that boost her support potential and DPS output.

C1: Piercing Fragments allows Ningguang’s normal attack to deal AoE DMG when it hits an enemy. This constellation level boosts her DPS output and allows her attacks to deal more damage to any surrounding enemies.

C2: Shock Effect will reset the cooldown of her elemental skill when her Jade Screen is shattered. The Jade Screen will shatter after 30 seconds if it is not destroyed first. This effect can only take place every 6 seconds, but will allow you to set up her Jade Screen again if it is destroyed. The conditions do require for it to be destroyed first, and waiting for 30 seconds is pointless as you can just set it up again after her elemental cooldown is finished.

C4: Exquisite be the Jade, Outshining All Beneath gives nearby teammates a buff, allowing them to take less Elemental DMG when they are within a 10m radius of Ningguang’s Jade Screen. This effect allows Ningguang to support her team and allow them to take less damage against the enemy’s elemental attacks. It also works for all the elements, so the buff can be used in many situations and battles.

C6: Grandeur be the Seven Stars will grant Ningguang 7 Star Jades when she uses her elemental burst. This does not include the 3 Star Jades from her normal attack, bringing her max total to 10 Star Jades. This increases the output of her charged attack, as it deals more damage depending on the number of Star Jades Ningguang has. This effect allows Ningguang to deal powerful Geo DMG with her charged attack after using her burst, as a maximum of 10 Star Jades will fly toward the enemy and deal damage.

Constellation LevelsEffects
C1: Piercing FragmentsWhen a Normal Attack hits, it deals AoE DMG.
C2: Shock EffectWhen Jade Screen is shattered, its CD will reset. This effect can only take place every 6 seconds.
C3: Majesty be the Array of StarsIncreases Starshatter’s skill level by 3. Max level is 15.
C4: Exquisite be the Jade, Outshining All BeneathAllies within a 10m radius of the Jade Screen take 10% less Elemental DMG.
C5: Invincible be the Jade ScreenIncreases Jade Screen’s skill level by 3. Max level is 15.
C6: Grandeur be the Seven StarsWhen Starshatter is used, Ningguang gains 7 Star Jades.


Ningguang c0 build genshin
Ningguang Burst Build

Ningguang has a powerful burst that has a short cooldown and low energy cost. This build for Ningguang focuses on boosting her Geo DMG. The skills you will want to focus on leveling up are her burst and normal attack, as those talents are your main damage dealers. Her elemental skill will only be used to generate energy and boost her Geo DMG. This build can work at any constellation level, but her C3 and C6 effect will boost her overall usability in battle.

This team composition for Ningguang relies on having another Geo character on the team to get the Geo resonance boost that will raise her damage while shielded and decrease the Geo RES of enemies. Albedo has a powerful elemental skill that can work alongside Ningguang’s attack and deal extra Geo DMG. You can replace him with another Geo character like Zhongli or Noelle that can generate a shield with their elemental skills. Bennett will boost Ningguang’s attack and can heal the active party member with his burst. Xiangling is there to provide the Pyro resonance effect and boost the team’s ATK by 25%. She can be replaced with another Pyro character like Diluc or Xinyan. This team doesn’t deal any reaction damage, but will massively boost Ningguang’s Geo DMG.

Any of the 5-star catalyst weapons will work for this Ningguang build. The recommended one I chose for this build is the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, because of the Crit Rate increase. This weapon will also boost her movement speed and provide an Elemental DMG Bonus to Ningguang’s attack every 4 seconds. This can stack up to 4 times and will last until Ningguang leaves the field. This weapon does require Ningguang to stay on the field for 20 seconds to get the maximum boost for its effect.

The Skyward Atlas and Memory of Dust can also be used for this build and will both increase her ATK stat. The Skyward Atlas will increase Ningguang’s Elemental DMG Bonus and allow her to deal extra damage when she triggers the clouds with her normal attack. The Memory of Dust will increase her shield strength and boost her ATK when she is protected by a shield. This weapon does require a shield generator like Zhongli to be effective.

For her 4-star recommended weapon, the Solar Pearl will boost Ningguang’s Crit Rate. This weapon will increase the power of her elemental burst and skill when she hits an enemy with her normal attack talent. Her normal attack will also increase if she uses her elemental skill or burst. Both of these effects will last for 6 seconds. This weapon is a great option for Ningguang because of how it can increase the damage of her burst. The Solar Pearl can only be obtained through the battle pass, but there are other suitable alternatives for F2P players.

The Widsith is another 4-star weapon that can be obtained from the gacha. This weapon will boost Ningguang’s Crit DMG. It will also give Ningguang a random boost for 10 seconds every 30 seconds.

The Favonius Codex can also work, but it has a secondary stat that will boost Energy Recharge. Energy Recharge isn’t needed for this build, especially if you have 2 Geo characters on the team.

The Prototype Malice is a craftable 4-star weapon, and will only work for a support Ningguang. Likewise, the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers will also only work for a support Ningguang.

For the early game, the Twin Nephrite will be your best option. This 3-star weapon will boost Ningguang’s Crit Rate. Defeating an enemy will increase her Movement SPD and ATK. The Otherworldly Story can also work as it will boost her Energy Recharge and restore her HP when she collects an element particle. Most of the other 3-star catalysts will raise Elemental Mastery. This is only important if you want to boost her shield strength from the crystalize reaction because Geo characters can’t deal reaction damage.

Ningguang’s recommended artifact set is a 2-piece Archaic Petra and Noblesse Oblige. This set will increase Ningguang’s Geo DMG and burst. You can also go for a 2-piece Archaic Petra and Gladiator’s Finale to boost the DMG from all of her attacks. A 4-piece Archaic Petra is more suited for a support build and can also be used, but will only work to boost the DMG of the Pyro characters in this team. It also requires Ningguang to collect the crystals for the boost to activate.

For the early game, I recommend a mix of the Brave Heart and Resolution of Sojourner since they both will give Ningguang ATK +18%. You can also use a 4-piece Resolution of Sojourner to boost her attack and the Crit Rate of her charged attack. A 4-piece Berserker can be used to increase her overall Crit Rate.

The artifact stats you should focus on are:

  • ATK% Sands
  • Geo DMG% Goblet
  • Crit Rate/Crit DMG Circlet

The sub-stats you should focus on are: Crit DMG, Crit Rate, ATK%, and ATK. Energy Recharge is optional as her burst doesn’t require a lot of energy. HP will also be decent if you want to raise the endurance of her Jade Wall.

Main DPS

main dps ningguang

This Main DPS build for Ningguang will focus on her normal and charged attack. Ningguang’s charged attack can be especially deadly with the right boost. For this build you will want to gather 2-3 Star Jades before you unleash her charged attack, to deal extra damage to the enemies. Ningguang’s burst will also be useful to increase her damage output. If you have Ningguang at C6, then you will gain 7 Star Jades after you use her burst. Ningguang’s skill will take less priority, but will be useful to boost her Geo DMG%.

For her teammates, a geo shield generator like Zhongli or Noelle, will protect Ningguang from damage and give her a damage boost to all of her attacks when protected by a shield. Bennett is an overall powerful support character that can both heal and raise the team’s attack power. Fischl can act as a sub-DPS and has the ability to deal passive Electro DMG with her elemental skill. She can be replaced with another unit like Mona, who can further boost Ningguang’s damage. Another healer besides Bennett isn’t necessary, as you will have protection from the shields and can heal with Bennett’s burst.

Like the other build, all 5-star catalysts will work for Ningguang. The Memory of Dust will be viable for this build because of the nature of its ability. This 5-star weapon will boost Ningguang’s ATK and overall shield strength. Due to the uptime of Zhongli’s elemental skill, it is possible to always have a shield on Ningguang. This boosts the effectiveness of the weapon and will further increase her attack. The Memory of Dust will also increase her ATK after she lands hits on enemies. This weapon was limited to an event banner, so it may be hard to obtain.

Both the Skyward Altas and Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds can also be used for this build.

Ningguang’s 4-star recommended weapon is The Widsith. This weapon will increase her Crit DMG. It will also give her a random buff when Ningguang is switched into the field:

  • Recitative: Increases Base ATK
  • Aria: Increases all Elemental DMG
  • Interlude: Elemental Mastery is increased

Although it is random, the buff can act as a bonus to Ningguang’s damage. It will last for 10 seconds and occur every 30 seconds.

The Solar Pearl can also be used if you have access to the battle pass. This 4-star weapon will increase her Crit Rate and raise her normal attack damage after using her elemental burst or skill. Using her normal attack will raise the damage from her burst and skill as well. Both of these effects will last for 6 seconds.

The Eye of Perception will raise Ningguang’s ATK and has a chance to deal additional damage by firing a bolt after she lands a hit with her normal or charged attack.

The only suitable craftable weapon for a Main DPS Ningguang is the Frostbearer, which has a secondary stat of ATK. However, you will need a Cryo character to fully capitalize on its icicle effect.

I wouldn’t recommend buying either the Blackcliff Amulet or Royal Grimoire just to give to Ningguang because it can be expensive to refine.

For her recommended artifact set, go for the 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale and Archaic Petra. This set will boost Ningguang’s ATK and Geo DMG. The set is unconditional and will always be active. Plus, it will raise the damage of all of Ningguang’s skills. You can also use a 4-piece Retracing Bolide. This set will increase her shield strength and boost the power of her normal and charged attack while protected by a shield. The 4-piece Wanderer’s Troupe on Ningguang isn’t recommended because it will only boost the damage of her charged attack. The Elemental Mastery bonus will also go to waste on a Geo character.

The main artifact stats you should focus on:

  • ATK% Sands
  • Geo DMG% Goblet
  • Crit Rate/Crit DMG Circlet

The sub-stats you should focus on are: Crit DMG, Crit Rate, ATK%, and ATK.


Albedo has a powerful elemental skill that can passively deal Geo DMG. He and Ningguang can provide crystals for the team and activate the Geo resonance that will increase shield strength, boost DMG while shielded, and lower enemy Geo RES.

Bennett has a great supportive burst that can boost Ningguang’s ATK and heal.

Xiangling can provide powerful pyro attacks and raise a character’s ATK with her pepper drop. The Pyro team resonance with Bennett will increase the team’s ATK. She can be replaced with Diluc or Klee.

Fischl can passively deal Electro DMG in the background with her elemental skill. She can be replaced with another character of your choosing.

Zhongli has a great shield ability that can act as support and protect Ningguang against DMG. Having two Geo characters will also boost the DMG of the character protected by a shield and decrease the Geo RES of enemies.

Noelle can generate a shield with her elemental skill. She is also able to heal the entire party with her skill.

Low energy burst and cooldownRequires another geo character to boost her damage output
Elemental skill can boost the Geo DMG of herself and her teammatesNo reaction damage because she is a Geo character
All attacks can deal Geo DMGLow Normal Attack Speed

Recommended Domains: Clear Pool and Mountain CavernChilde Boss FightPeak of VindagnyrStormterrorWolf of the North Challenge


c1 Ningguang build
Ningguang’s determination to save Liyue Harbor

Ningguang is a 4-star catalyst user that is capable of dealing massive amounts of Geo DMG to the enemies. As a Geo character, she lacks reaction damage, but has a low energy burst and powerful normal attack to make up for it. Her elemental skill can boost the Geo DMG of anyone that passes through it and can block enemy projectile attacks. She is also a useful character to have on your team as she can show you the location of all nearby ore. Overall, Ningguang has both attack and support skills that can defeat any enemies that stand in her way.

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