Azhdaha is the boss of the Trounce Domain known as Beneath the Dragon-Queller. It can be completed once per week after you complete Zhongli’s story quest Historia Antiqua Chapter: Act II – No Mere Stone.


how to defeat Azhdaha in genshin impact
Azhdaha’s seal

Azhdaha is considered one of the oldest Geovishaps and takes on the form of an enormous dragon. He was born blind and was given his slight by Morax in exchange for signing a contract with the Geo Archon himself. The contact stated that Azhdaha would be sealed back underground if he were to ever bring harm to Liyue.

Many years pass and Azhdaha remained a friend to both Morax and humanity. He particularly took an interest in the art of the blacksmiths. However, as time passed, Azhdaba began to suffer from humans messing with the Ley Lines, and it began to erode his true self away. Azhdaha soon became corrupt and began to attack the humans of Liyue. Morax and the Adepti were forced to step in and seal Azhdaha awhile with the help of his remaining good half.

The sealed Azhdaha’s hatred for Morax grew during his imprisonment. He took the form of a small child and began to plot his return, where he will break free and get his revenge.

Beneath the Dragon-Queller

best characters to defeat Azhdaha
Azhdaha’s unique dialogue with Zhongli

This Trounce Domain is located in Nantianmen, Liyue. Azhdaha is the first boss that has unique dialogue, depending on if Zhongli is on your team. You will have to defeat him first in Zhongli’s story quest before it will unlock for you to defeat weekly.

You can only obtain the Dragon Lord’s Crown, Bloodjade Branch, and Gilded Scale by completing the Beneath the Dragon-Queller Domain.

Like the Primo Geovishap, Azhdaha can infuse himself with Cryo, Electro, Pyro, or Hydro. The infused element will change the color of his body, and will also change the Ascension Gem’s element you can receive after defeating him. He is capable of infusing himself with a second element once his health reaches 33%. The element he will change to will appear on the seal in front of his domain. Large pillars will also rain down on your party, but they can be avoided if you step away before they fall on your character.

Once you lower Azhdaha’s health down a certain amount, he will go into different phrases. He can not be damaged past the phase’s health requirement, as he will begin to infuse himself with an element.

Stage 1: Geo

In this stage, Azhdaha will start off with his normal Geo form. He will attack the player in a variety of ways such as burrowing underneath the ground or slamming parts of his body to deal damage. It is hard to escape his attack, so it is recommended you bring a shield character to protect you. Azhdaha is also capable of unleashing shockwaves that will deal damage to you if you are within its range of effect.

Stage 2: First Elemental Infusion

This phase is triggered when Azhdaha reaches 67% of his health. His attacks will be infused with one element and deal elemental damage. He will attack with more shockwaves that will be indued with his current element. Azhdaha can also summon rotating elemental orbs around the field to deal damage to you if they come into contact with your character. Lastly, Azhdaha will gain abilities from the first stage, in addition to his new ones.

Stage 3: Second Elemental Infusion

This stage is triggered when Azhdaha has 33% of his health left. Azhdaha will infuse himself with a second element, giving him access to dual elemental damage. In this stage, he will burrow himself underground, leaving an elemental tree to deal damage to the surrounding area. He can not be killed in this state. Azhdaha will also gain abilities for the previous two stages.


Azhdaha's back story
Azhdaha’s elemental infusion

During the fight, a ley line disorder will constantly affect your party. This disorder will cause a character to be dealt continuous elemental damage if they are hit by any of Azhdaha’s infused elemental attack. This mark can be dangerous for your health, but it can be removed if you have characters like Jean or Bennett on the team. Azhdaha’s tremor attack has a large AoE and it is best to stay out of its range. A shield character is hardly recommended to protect yourself from Azhdaha’s large-scale attacks. If your shield character can not provide enough protection, consider adding a healer or healing with food items.

Azhdaha has a lot of health and he will infuse himself with different elements each time you face him. You will need a versatile team for each elemental infusion in order to properly deal damage to Azhdaha. Azhdaha also has a large body making it easy to hit him, but his attacks has a large area of effect that you will want to avoid as much as possible.

Recommended Characters

Zhongli’s shield is powerful enough to protect against Azhdaha’s Geo and elemental attack if you build up his Max HP. His crystalize reaction can also be used to shield your character. Zhongli works well with all elemental infusions of Azhdaha’s and can also decrease Azhdaha’s defenses when his elemental skill is active.

Noelle can also generate a shield that will scale off her DEF. Her main role will be to keep the team shielded, and she also comes with the added bonus of being able to heal the party when her elemental skill is active. Noelle works well for any element Azhdaha has infused. Geo characters are also capable of producing shields with the crystalize reaction.

Diona’s shield scales off her Max HP and can protect you from Azhdaha’s attack. Her burst is also capable of applying Cryo to enemies and heal party members within its range. Enemies within her burst will also have her ATK decreased. In addition, characters shielded with her elemental skill will have their movement speed increased and stamina consumed decreased, allowing your party to better avoid Azhdaha’s attacks.

Any healer, in general, will be great against the fight with Azhdaha. Qiqi’s healing scales off her ATK and she is able to heal herself and the party with both her elemental burst and skill. Barbara can also be used to heal the party and clear the Pyro and Cryo marks of Azhdaha.

Beidou can clear the Pyro and Cryo elemental marks that Azhdaha can place on her with her elemental skill. However, Beidou can only remove it on herself and not the entire party. She can also generate a shield for herself and deal back Electro DMG at Azhdaha.

Xinyan can create a shield with her elemental skill and is capable of dealing both physical and Pyro damage. Her main niche is the power of her physical attack as her Pyro DMG isn’t the greatest. Xinyan can also clear the Hydro, Cryo, and Pyro elemental marks of Azhdaha with her elemental skill.

Bennett’s burst can buff the ATK of anyone within its range and can also heal. His burst will also clear the Hydro, Cryo, and Pyro elemental marks of Azhdaha.

Jean can clear all the elemental mark that Azhdaha can place on your party. She can also heal the team with her burst and by attacking the enemy with her normal attack.


Primo Geovishap
  • Use a shield character. Azhdaha has many large range attacks that are difficult to avoid. Having a shield character will allow you to absorb some of that damage. Shielding your character is also the only way to avoid the elemental marks that Azhdaha will inflict on you.
  • Have a healer on your team. Azhdaha has a huge health bar and powerful attacks. Use a healer to keep your party healthy. They can also be paired with a shield character to fully protect your team from damage.
  • Use a DPS with a large range. Azhdaha has a large hitbox due to his body size. Use a character like Ganyu, Diluc, or Xiao who can easily hit his damage box.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you conquer the Azhdaha! Is there anything I missed? Let us know in the comments below! You can also reach out through our Twitter or my Discord handle Seyfrid#2589.


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