The Cryo Hypostasis is a Normal Boss located in Dragonspine. It is one of the elemental hypostases and its code name is Daleth.


how to defeat the Cryo Hypostasis
Location of the Cryo Hypostasis

Unlock Requirement

The Cryo Hypostasis is unlocked when you thaw the ice in the quest “In the Mountains.” Daleth will spawn on top of the ice where the monuments once were. He can then be challenged whenever you want, but there will be a cooldown between each of his battles. There is also a waypoint nearby, allowing easy access to the Cryo Hypostasis.


Defeating the Cryo Hypostasis will give you Shivada Jade materials and the Crystalline Bloom, which is used to ascend characters like Eula. You will also get the chance to obtain drops in the Gladiator Finale and Wanderers’ Troupe artifact set. The higher your world level, the better the reward, but the more difficult Daleth will become.


how to break the Cryo Hypostasis's shield
Deflect Daleth’s Frostfruits back at him to destroy his shield

Since the battle is in Dragonspine, your character will experience Sheer Cold throughout the battle. Being near the Cryo Hypostasis will also increase the effects of Sheer Cold faster than usual. Luckily, there are warming machines called Ruin Braziers nearby that you can use to avoid the health-reducing effects of Sheer Cold. Unless you can quickly defeat Daleth without suffering from Sheer Cold too often, it is best to make sure you stay close to a Ruin Brazier, as you can die if the Sheer Cold affects you for too long. You can also bring a healer like Qiqi or Jean to heal back the damage from Sheer Cold and Daleth’s attack. Cryo characters like Qiqi or Diona will be only used to heal as their elemental burst and skill will do no damage to the Cryo Hypostasis. I also recommend not bringing Barbara into this fight as her elemental skill applies wet to your active character. This will allow Daleth’s array of Cryo attacks to trigger the Frozen reaction on your character and freeze you in place.

Daleth’s core will be exposed for most of his attacks. You can use this as an opportunity to attack him. His attacks will allow him to freely move around the arena as they hone toward your character. Either use a shield to deflect them or move away from his attacks. If you have Beidou, you can also use her elemental skill to parry an attack back at Daleth. It is important to note that dodging Daleth’s attacks can be very difficult, so I would recommend bringing a shield generator to avoid taking damage and a healer in case your shield is not enough to fully protect you.

As a Cryo boss, one of the best ways to deal damage to him is with a Pyro DPS character like Diluc or Hu Tao. Hu Tao can infuse her normal attack with Pyro in her elemental skill, allowing her to easily reduce Daleth’s health. Yanfei is also great in this fight, as she can deal Pyro DMG with all her attacks.

When Daleth is at low health, he will teleport to the center of the arena and surround himself with an ice shield. While in this form, Daleth will shoot out Frostfruits while regenerating his health. The Cryo Hypostasis will also fire off homing Cryo missiles at your character while in this form. It will take a long time for you to destroy his shield with your regular attacks. The best way to destroy Daleth’s ice shield is to hit his Frostfruits with a charged attack from any of your characters. If hit toward the direction of the Cryo Hypostasis, the Frostfruit will heavily damage his shield. It will take 3 Frostfruits to destroy his shield.

Recommended Characters

Here are some of the best characters to use against the Cryo Hypostasis!

Hu Tao is a great damage dealer against the Cryo Hypostasis. Using her elemental skill to infuse her normal attack with Pyro will allow you to trigger the Melt reaction, dealing extra damage. Hu Tao is prone to dying as her elemental skill drains her health each time she uses it. It is recommended you pair her with a healer or shield character. Xiangling can also be used, but will deal overall less damage as her elemental skill is stationary, while her burst costs 80 energy before it can be used.

Diluc is another powerful Pyro DPS unit that can infuse his normal attack with Pyro for a short period after you use his elemental burst.

Yanfei is capable of dealing Pyro DMG with all of her attacks. Her charged attack becomes extremely deadly against the Cryo Hypostasis if her elemental burst is used to give her the Brilliance buff. Likewise, Klee is also great against the Cryo Hypostasis as she is another Pyro catalyst user.

Bennett’s burst will come in handy against Daleth as it can heal and power up any character within its range. He should be paired with another Pyro DPS to activate the Pyro team resonance, allowing them to deal extra damage with the ATK buff.

Zhongli’s main purpose is to shield your team from Daleth’s Cryo attacks. He can also be used to launch the Frostfruits back at Daleth with his charged attack.

Diona’s shield will be useful against the Cryo Hypostasis’ attack as her elemental skill allows her to absorb Cryo DMG more effectively. She can also be used to heal the team with her elemental burst. Both of her shield and healing scales off her Max HP. Diona will not be able to deal Cryo DMG to Daleth with her skills as he is immune to them.

Xiao is great to deal neutral Anemo damage against the Cryo Hypostasis. His burst does drain his health, so I recommended bringing a healer or a shield generator to protect Xiao against Daleth’s attacks.

Beidou can parry off Daleth’s attack with her elemental skill. Her Electro DMG can also be used to trigger Superconduct on Daleth, lowering his Physical RES. However, the Cryo Hypostasis is immune to Cryo DMG so the Cryo DMG from Superconduct will not work against it.


best characters to use against the Cryo Hypostasis
Cryo Hypostasis Archive
  • Use charged attacks against the Frostfruits. When the Cryo Hypostasis throws up his shield, he will launch out Frostfruits across the battlefield. Use a charged attack on them to launch them back at Daleth to heavily damage his shield.
  • Use a Pyro character. Using Pyro attacks against the Cryo Hypostasis will trigger the Melt reaction, allowing you to deal extra damage to him.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you conquer the Cryo Hypostasis! Is there anything I missed? Let us know in the comments below! You can also reach out through our Twitter or my Discord handle Seyfrid#2589.


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