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Kokomi’s first appearance

Sangonomiya Kokomi is a 5-star Hydro catalyst user from the region of Inazuma. She first appears within the story to help lead the resistance to turn the tides against the Shogun’s army.
Sangonomiya Kokomi acts as the divine priestess of Watatsumi Island. After the Vision Decree, she took up resistance against the Electro Archon and now acts as their leader and strategist. Kokomi has managed to outwit the Shogun’s Army many times, despite having fewer resources and manpower. Although Kokomi handles all of the island’s affairs, she prefers to operate in the background as she has trouble socializing at times.

Sangonomiya Kokomi Skill Talents

Despite having a -100% Crit Rate, Kokomi is still able to deal increased Hydro damage when her burst is active. She can also play the role of a support and healer as both her skills can help keep the party healthy. Her normal attack will see a lot of use due to her burst amplifying its damage. Kokomi’s damage will not scale based on Incoming Healing Bonus so the 4-piece Maiden Beloved and Hydro team buff will not impact her damage boost. Her talent scaling is overall pretty high, due to not being able to deal critical damage.

kokomi skill explained
Kokomi’s charged and normal attack

Kokomo’s normal attack, The Shape of Water, can perform up to 3 attacks in the form of a fish that will deal Hydro DMG. The last attack will deal the most damage. Her charged attack will deal AoE Hydro DMG after a short casting time in exchange for stamina.

kokomi best build genshin
Kokomi’s elemental skill

Her elemental skill, Kurage’s Oath, summons a “bake-kurage” and applies the Wet status to Kokomi. The Bake-Kurage will deal Hydro DMG to surrounding enemies and heal nearby active characters at set intervals. After placing her skill, the jellyfish will not move from its spot. The Bake-Kurage triggers 7 times during its 12-second duration, including the initial one at the beginning. The healing is scaled off of Kokomo’s Max HP. This duration is reset when her ascension 1 talent is active, allowing the Bake-Kurage to stay on the field longer. The cooldown is 20 seconds, so Kokomi’s ascension talent will help keep her elemental skill on the field longer. This skill does not generate a lot of energy for her burst, so Kokomi will need to invest in Energy Recharge in her stats.

kokomi explained
Kokomi’s burst

Kokomo’s burst, Nereid’s Ascension, will deal a blast of Hydro DMG and allows Kokomi to obtain the Ceremonial Garment for 10 seconds. While the Ceremonial Garment is active, Kokomi’s normal attack, charged attack, and Bake-Kur-age’s damage will be increased based on her Max HP. When her normal and charged attack hits an enemy, the health of all nearby party members will also be restored. The healing is based on Kokomi’s Max HP. Lastly, Kokomi’s resistance to interruption is increased and she will also gain the ability to move over water. Kokomi’s burst boosts her normal attack damage while also allowing her to heal the party. It does high cost of 70 energy and a cooldown of 18 seconds. The effects will disappear if Kokomi leaves the field.

In co-op, Kokomi can take on the role of a healer and support, while also dealing damage with her normal or charged attack.

Sangonomiya Kokomi Passive Talents

Kokomi’s skill

Flawless Strategy (Unlocked Automatically): Sangonomiya Kokomi has a 25% Healing Bonus, but a 100% decrease in CRIT Rate.
Princess of Watatsumi (Unlocked Automatically)Stamina consumption for your own party members by 20%. Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.
Tamanooya’s Casket (1st Ascension): If Sangonomiya Kokomi’s own Bake-Kurage are on the field when she uses Nereid’s Ascension, the Bake-Kurage’s duration will be refreshed.
Song of Pearls (4th Ascension):While donning the Ceremonial Garment created by Nereid’s Ascension, the Normal and Charged Attack DMG Bonus Sangonomiya Kokomi gains based on her Max HP will receive a further increase based on 15% of her Healing Bonus.

Sangonomiya Kokomi’s ascension talents offer her a mix of normal/charged attack damage boost and allows her Bake-Kurage to stay on the field longer to heal and deal Hydro DMG. Her passive talents allows her to decrease the party’s swimming stamina and increases her Healing Bonus. However, she will be hindered by a -100% Crit Rate as a result of the Healing Bonus.

Kokomi has 2 passive skills that will be unlocked automatically. Flawless Strategy gives her a -100% in Crit Rate, which makes it hard to land critical hits with her. In return, she gets a healing bonus increase. Her second passive, Princess of Watatsumi, decreases the swimming stamina consumption of her party members, allowing you to conserve more energy while swimming when Kokomi is in the party. She shares this talent with Beidou, and those talents will not stack with each other.

Her first ascension talent, Tamanooya’s Casket, refreshes the duration of her Bake-Kurage from her elemental skill when Kokomi casts her burst. This will allow her Bake-Kurage to extend its 12-second duration and stay on the field longer.

Kokomi’s 4th ascension talent, Song of Pearls, boosts the power of her normal and charged attack when her burst effect is active. This effect allows her attacks to scale off a portion of her Healing Bonus, in addition to the Max HP scaling she already has.

Sangonomiya Kokomi gets a boost to her Hydro DMG% when she ascends.

Sangonomiya Kokomi Constellations

kokomi genshin
Kokomi’s constellation

Kokomi’s constellation mostly boosts the damage of her burst and requires it to be active. She can perform the role of a healer and support without the side of any constellation levels.

At C1: At Water’s Edge, Kokomi will unleash a fish that will deal 30% of her Max HP as damage after her 3rd attack during the duration of her burst. This damage counts as its own separate damage that is not based on her normal attack. It is purely based on her Max HP, regardless of the talent level.

C2: The Clouds Like Waves Rippling provides a healing bonus based on the health of the character’s HP. This affects her elemental skill Bake-Kurage and elemental burst’s buff to her normal and charged attack.

At C4: The Moon Overlooks the Waters, Kokomi’s elemental burst effect will increase her normal attack speed and restore energy while it is active. This helps Kokomi attack faster and charge up her burst.

C6: Sango Isshin boosts Kokomi’s Hydro DMG for 4 seconds after she heals a character with her burst. This effect will only work if the character is healed with her normal and charged attack and has 80% of their health or more. The HP requirement is restrictive and relies on a mostly healthy party to activate.

Constellation LevelsEffects
C1: At Water’s EdgeWhile donning the Ceremonial Garment created by Nereid’s Ascension, the final Normal Attack in Sangonomiya Kokomi’s combo will unleash a swimming fish to deal 30% of her Max HP as Hydro DMG.
This DMG is not considered Normal Attack DMG.
C2: The Clouds Like Waves RipplingSangonomiya Kokomi gains the following Healing Bonuses with regard to characters with 50% or less HP via the following methods:
Kurage’s Oath Bake-Kurage: 4.5% of Kokomi’s Max HP.
Nereid’s Ascension Normal and Charged Attacks: 0.6% of Kokomi’s Max HP.
C3: The Moon, A Ship O’er the SeasIncreases the Level of Nereid’s Ascension by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4: The Moon Overlooks the WatersWhile donning the Ceremonial Garment created by Nereid’s Ascension, Sangonomiya Kokomi’s Normal Attack SPD is increased by 10%, and Normal Attacks that hit opponents will restore 0.8 Energy for her. This effect can occur once every 0.2s.
C5: All Streams Flow to the SeaIncrease the Level of Kurage’s Oath by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6: Sango IsshinWhile donning the Ceremonial Garment created by Nereid’s Ascension, Sangonomiya Kokomi gains a 40% Hydro DMG Bonus for 4s after her Normal and Charged Attacks heal a character with 80% or more HP.

Off-Field Support

support kokomi build
Off-field Support Kokomi Build

This build for Kokomi focuses on her elemental skill that can heal nearby characters and damage enemies. Kokomi can use her elemental skill then switch out to another character since it will still remain active. This build can work as a support or healer build for her.

For her teammate, this build works well in a freeze team as all of Kokomi’s attacks can apply Hydro to the enemy. Her elemental skill can also apply Hydro over time, even if she isn’t on the field. Ganyu’s burst has a wide range and can apply Cryo to freeze the enemy. Diona will provide a shield to protect against damage and can also help heal the team. She can be replaced with Ayaka who is another Cryo DPS. Having two Cryo characters will help increase Crit Rate against enemies affected by Cryo or Frozen. However, Kokomi can not make use of this buff due to her -100% Crit Rate. Lastly, Kazuha will boost the elemental damage of any element he Swirls with. His burst can also apply Hydro or Cryo to enemies if his burst infuses with them. You can also choose to have another Hydro character like Xingqiu or Tartaglia to increase Kokomi’s healing. Her damage buff will not be affected by the Hydro team resonance.

The best support weapon for Kokomi is the 3-star Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. This weapon boosts the attack of any character that Kokomi switches to for 10 seconds. It also has a passive increase in HP, which will boost Kokomi’s healing. This weapon is also great in the early game if you are using Kokomi as a support character.

Kokomi’s other recommended weapon is the 4-star Sacrificial Fragments, which boosts Elemental Mastery. This weapon has a chance to reset the cooldown of her elemental skill when she damages an enemy with it. Kokomi can already refresh the duration of her elemental skill when she uses her burst, but this will be another way for her to use her elemental skill more often.

For craft-able weapons, the 4-star Prototype Amber has a passive in HP. Its skill allows Kokomi to restore energy for her entire team when she uses her burst and heal the team as well. This weapon is great for F2P players.

Lastly, the Hakushin Ring is another 4-star craft-able weapon. It has a passive in Energy Recharge and boosts the elemental damage of the nearby characters if the equipped character triggers an Electro reaction. This weapon will only work in an Electro charge team and requires characters of the same element that was involved in the trigger in the reaction. The effect will only last 6 seconds and the effects can not be stacked.

For a support Kokomi, her recommended artifact set is the 4-piece Tenacity of the Millelith. This set increases her HP and also raises the ATK and Shield Strength of her teammate when her elemental skill deals damage for 3 seconds. This can be triggered every 0.5 seconds, which can sync up with Kokomi’s elemental skill. This set’s 4-piece bonus will also work even if Kokomi is not on the field. You will want a character that can create a shield to fully benefit from the Shield Strength boost. You can also use a 2-piece Maiden Beloved and Tenacity of the Millelith to increase HP and healing effectiveness. Either the Maiden Beloved set or Noblesse Oblige are other options if you are looking for a pure healer or support character.

Artifact stats for Sangonomiya Kokomi:

  • Sands: HP%
  • Goblet: Hydro DMG% or HP%
  • Circlet: Healing Bonus%

Look for mainly HP%, HP, Energy Recharge, ATK%, or ATK in her sub-stats. Crit Rate and Crit DMG will hardly matter for Kokomi.

Kokomi can also act as a sub-DPS with the new artifact set Ocean-Hued Clam, boosting her healing and damage output.

Sub-DPS Kokomi build

With the Ocean-Hued Clam, Komomi will increase her healing effectiveness and allow her to summon a Sea-Dyed Foam for 3 seconds to deal physical damage to the enemy based on the amount of healing it receives within that timeframe. This foam can be triggered even if Kokomi is off the field and will still absorb any healing that and will deal 90% of that healing in an explosion as damage to nearby enemies. This set is great for Kokomi as it allows her to deal damage while simply healing the team with both her elemental skill and burst. The Foam does have a 30,000 healing limit and only 1 can exist at a time. It can also only be triggered every 3.5 seconds. Even when Kokomi doesn’t heal anyone or the healing covers above the character’s health, the Foam will still absorb that healing.

For weapons, Kokomi can make use of any weapon mentioned in the other 2 builds, depending on if you want to focus more on her support potential or damage.

Artifact stats for Sangonomiya Kokomi:

  • Sands: HP%
  • Goblet: Hydro DMG% or HP%
  • Circlet: Healing Bonus%

You will want to level up Kokomi’s burst and elemental skill to increase the amount of healing she can dish out for the Sea-Dyed Foam.


builds for kokomi
Main DPS Kokomi Build

While under the effects of her burst, Kokomi will gain increased damage for her normal and charged attack. Her elemental skill damage will also be boosted. This will help boost her overall damage since Kokomi has a negative Crit Rate. You will want to primarily level up her normal and burst first. Her elemental can also be useful to heal and damage enemies. The damage is scaled off her Max HP and a portion of her Healing Bonus when her ascension 4 is unlocked.

Kokomi works well with other characters that can deal passive damage when they are off the field. Both the Raiden Shogun and Fischl can deal passive Electro DMG with their elemental skill. Having two Electro characters will also help generate more Electro particles to charge their bursts. Bennett is an overall great support character that can heal and boost the power of his teammates. Having two Hydro characters on the team will boost Kokomi’s healing, but not her damage.

Kokomi won’t benefit from any weapons that provide Crit Rate or Crit DMG unless you want to try to build up her Crit Rate.

Kokomi’s recommended 5-star weapon is her signature weapon, Everlasting Moonglow. This weapon has a passive in HP and will also increase her Healing Bonus and Normal attack damage. After using her burst, Kokomi will restore Energy for 12 seconds after hitting an enemy with her normal attack. This weapon will boost Kokomi’s overall damage during her burst and the amount of health she heals the party. It will also help restore some energy for her high-cost burst. Kokomi can also use the 5-star Skyward Altas, which provides a boost to her ATK and elemental damage. Its skill can also summon a cloud that will deal damage to enemies.

Kokomi can make use of the craftable 4-star weapon, the Prototype Amber, which boosts her HP. This weapon will heal generate energy for the team and heal the party when Kokomi uses her burst. The 4-star Mappa Mare can also be used to increase her reaction damage and boost her elemental damage when Kokomi triggers a reaction.

Both the Dodoco Tales and Eye of Perception are also suitable weapons for a DPS Kokomi. Both weapons have a passive in ATK. The Dodoco Tales was a limited-time 4-star weapon and can increase the wearer’s normal and charged attack. The Eye of Perception is another 4-star weapon that can fire off an additional blast of attack damage when a normal or charged attack is used.

In the early game, you can choose to use the 3-star Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers to boost Kokomi’s HP and provide an ATK to her teammate. You can also use the 3-star Magic Guide to increase her elemental mastery and damage against enemies affected by Hydro of Electro. Both the Emerald Orb and Amber Catalyst will also suffice.

The recommended artifact set for Kokomi is the 4-piece Heart of Depth to increase her Hydro DMG and normal and charged attack when she uses her elemental skill. This set allows Kokomi’s normal attack to deal more damage after using her elemental skill. Using her burst will also add an additional damage boost to her normal and charged attack. You can also use a 2-piece Emblem of Severed Fate and Heart of Depth to increase her Energy Recharge and Hydro DMG. Likewise, a 4-piece Heart of Depth and Gladiator’s Finale/Shimenawa’s Reminiscence will give Kokomi a permanent boost her ATK and Hydro DMG%. In the early game, use a 4-piece Martial Artist to boost her normal and charged attack damage.

Artifact stats for Sangonomiya Kokomi:

  • Sands: Energy Recharge or ATK% or HP%
  • Goblet: Hydro DMG%
  • Circlet: Healing Bonus%

In the sub-stats, look for Energy Recharge, ATK%, and HP%.


Ganyu has a wide burst that can apply Cryo to enemies. She works well with Kokomi to freeze the enemy.

Diona can provide a shield and heal as well. She can be replaced with Ayaka or Kaeya if you want a pure Cryo character.

Kazuha can spread elements around with his burst and increase the elemental damage of the team when he triggers a Swirl reaction with another element.

Fischl can deal passive Electro DMG with her elemental skill.

Bennett’s role in the team is to boost the ATK of Kokomi with his burst. He can also act as a second healer. Can be replaced with Sucrose for extra reaction damage.

Raiden Shogun can also deal passive Electro DMG with her skill. She also acts as an energy battery to recharge Kokomi’s burst.

Elemental skill can work even if Kokomi switches out-100% Crit Rate
Easy Hydro ApplicationElemental skill is stationary and doesn’t generate a lot of energy
Great source of healing in both elemental skill and burstLow damage output when burst is not active


kokomi ghensin builds
Kokomi Story Quest

Kokomi is a 5-star Hydro character that can heal and support the team with her moveset. She can easily apply Hydro to enemies and can greatly restore the health of your party with her elemental skill and burst. Her biggest flaw is her negative 100% Crit Rate, so her damage won’t be as high as other characters. Using her burst is the only way for her to deal effective damage against enemies.

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