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Dori is a 4-star Electro character from the region of Sumeru that uses her claymore. She is first introduced to the Traveler when they hear of a merchant selling black market goods.

Dori is seen as a resourceful merchant who has a wide network able to secure hard-to-find goods. She is highly successful in her field, generating a vast collection of Mora due to her fondness for it. Dori likes to seize any opportunity to move Mora, which makes the black market a worthy investment in her eyes. However, this caught the eye of Matras so she has a tough vetting process to select only suitable buyers.

Dori’s love of Mora came from her poor lifestyle in the past. Her family was often in debt and struggled to pay for her sister’s sickness. Dori vowed to get enough Mora where she would no longer have to struggle and her family will never have to worry again.

Dori Skill Talents

Dori is a 4-star support and healer, whose main use is her elemental burst that can heal and provide energy for the active character. Her burst allows for easy application of Electro to enemies.

dori attack build
Dori’s normal attack

Dori’s normal attack, Marvelous Sword-Dance (Modified), performs up to 3 strikes with her claymore. Her second attack will attack twice, with her 3rd strike dealing the most damage. By consuming stamina, Dori will unleash her charged attack by spinning around with her claymore to deal physical damage to surrounding enemies. As a support and healer, Dori will rarely use her normal attack.

dori artifact
Dori’s elemental skill

Her elemental skill, Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon shoots off Troubleshooter Shots to deal Electro DMG to an enemy. When the Troubleshooter Shots hit an enemy, 2 After-Sales Service Rounds will be created and automatically track and deal Electro DMG to nearby enemies. It has a cooldown of 9 seconds. Combined with her ascension skills, Dori’s elemental skill is further upgraded by reducing its cooldown with the use of her burst and generating energy for the team when her elemental skill hits an enemy. Her skill will be more useful for collecting energy and applying Electro rather than dealing damage.

dori burst
Dori’s burst

Dori’s elemental burst, Alcazarzaray’s Exactitude, summons Jinni from its lamp to give the active character the following buffs while they are connected to the lamp:

  • Restore HP based on Dori’s Max HP.
  • Generate Energy for their burst
  • Affected by the Electro element.

In addition to the buffs on the character, any enemy that hits the line that connects the character and Dori’s lamp will be dealt one burst of Electro DMG. This can occur every .4 seconds. Only 1 Jinni can exist at a time, and the active character must stay close to its range to experience the effects. Dori’s burst requires 80 energy to activate and has a cooldown of 20 seconds. The lamp duration lasts 12 seconds. Dori’s burst will be useful in generating energy for your character while also healing them. The energy regeneration scales off her burst level and triggers every second it is active. Her burst allows you to easily apply Electro to enemies for reactions since you can move around with the connection line to target certain enemies. This is paired nicely with Dendro characters like Tighnari who will need other characters to apply elements to enemies for reactions.

Dori in co-op will be used to apply Electro to enemies and generate energy. Her healing only applies to the character connected her lamp.

Dori Passive Talents

best talent for dori
Dori talent screen

Dori’s ascension talent boosts the energy regeneration of her burst through the use of her elemental skill. Her passive talent has a chance to refund weapon enhancement and character materials.

Dori’s passive talent, Unexpected Order, allows Dori to refund a portion of character and weapon enhancement material when she is used to craft them. This talent does not always activate, but it good to conserve some resources.

Her ascension talent, An Eye for Gold, decreases the cooldown of her elemental skill by 1 second when the active character connected to her elemental skill triggers an Electro reaction. This effect can trigger up to 3 times. Dori’s current cooldown is 9 seconds, which will be decreased down to 6 seconds if the talent is triggered 3 times. This talent allows Dori to generate energy and use her elemental skill more often.

At ascension 4 Dori unlocks Compound Interest. This talent restores energy based on the amount of Energy Recharge she has when her elemental skill effects hit the enemy. This talent boosts the uptime of her burst and can also work to restore the bursts of the team as well. Only 1 instance of energy can be restored per elemental skill use with the maximum energy capped at 15 energy.

Dori gets an HP% bonus based on her ascension rank, which helps raise the amount of healing she does with her elemental burst.

Unexpected Order
Unlocked Automatically

When Dori crafts Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, she has a chance to refund a portion of the crafting materials used.
An Eye for Gold
Unlocked at Ascension 1

After a character connected to the Jinni triggers an Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Overloaded, Quicken, Aggravate, Hyperbloom, or an Electro Swirl or Crystallize reaction, the CD of Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon is decreased by 1s.
This effect can be triggered once every 3s.
Compound Interest
Unlocked at Ascension 4

When the Troubleshooter Shots or After-Sales Service Rounds from Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon hit opponents, Dori will restore 5 Elemental Energy for every 100% Energy Recharge possessed.
Per Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon, only one instance of Energy restoration can be triggered and a maximum of 15 Energy can be restored this way.

Dori Constellations

Dori’s constellations

Dori’s constellation offers a variety of upgrades to herself and her teammates. If built as support, her C4 grants her the power to apply additional buffs to her teammates. At C6, she is capable of dealing infused Electro DMG and healing nearby party members.

At C1: Additional Investment, Dori’s elemental skill produces an additional After-Sales Service Round after her elemental skill first hits an enemy. This increases the overall number to 3 shots, boosting the overall damage of her skill.

C2: Special Franchise fires off a Jinni Topo to deal 50% of Dori’s ATK to enemies when the lamp from elemental burst heals an active party member. This is good to deal additional damage to the enemy, but as a healer Dori’s ATK won’t be heavily invested, so the amount of damage this constellation can deal will be low.

C4: Discretionary Supplement provides additional buffs to the active character connected to her burst’s effects. When the character’s health is below 50%, their healing bonus is increased. When their burst has below 50%, they will also gain additional Energy Recharge. This constellation helps Dori to provide more support for her team, by recovering additional health and energy generation.

At C6: Sprinkling Weight, grants Dori herself Electro infusion for 3 seconds after she uses her elemental skill. In addition, Dori will also heal nearby party members when she uses her normal attack for a portion of her Max HP. This elemental skill upgrade provides healing for more characters than just the one connected to the burst and also grants Dori the ability to apply Electro to enemies with her normal attack. Her damage output will still be low if she is built as healer and support, but she can provide more healing coverage for your team.

Constellation LevelsEffects
C1: Additional InvestmentThe number of After-Sales Service Rounds created by Troubleshooter Shots is increased by 1.
C2: Special FranchiseWhen you are in combat and the Jinni heals the character it is connected to, it will fire a Jinni Toop from that character’s position that deals 50% of Dori’s ATK DMG.
C3:Wonders Never CeaseIncreases the Level of Alcazarzaray’s Exactitude by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4: Discretionary Supplement
The character connected to the Jinni will obtain the following buffs based on their current HP and Energy:
When their HP is lower than 50%, they gain 50% Incoming Healing Bonus.
When their Energy is less than 50%, they gain 30% Energy Recharge.
C5: Value for Mora
Increases the level of Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6: Sprinkling WeightDori gains the following effects for 3s after using Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon:
Electro Infusion.
When Normal Attacks hit opponents, all nearby party members will heal HP equivalent to 4% of Dori’s Max HP. This type of healing can occur once every 0.1s.

Dori Support Build

Dori Support Build

This build for Dori focuses on her burst, which provides energy regeneration and healing for the active character connected to the lamp. This allows her to support characters that have a high energy cost, while also applying Electro to enemies and healing the connected character. She does not support party-wide healing until her constellation 6, which is a downside to her overall kit. You will want to build up her burst as high as possible. Her skill will be helpful for extra Electro DMG, while her normal attack is optional if you plan to use her normal attack.

This team composition for Dori focuses on the Superconduct to reduce the physical resistance of enemies. Eula will be the main DPS who relies on physical damage for a majority of her damage. Sara will be used to further boost ATK, while Zhongli will serve as the shield for the entire team. Zhongli can be replaced with another Cryo character if Eula is not enough to trigger the Supoerconduct reaction. Having two Electro characters will also increase energy regeneration when an Electro reaction occurs. Dori will also support the team by using her burst and applying Electro to enemies by touching them with the connection line when the active character is affected by her elemental burst.

For her recommended weapon, the 5-star Wolf’s Gravestone has a passive increase in ATK, while also having a chance to increase the Base ATK of the party when it is used to attack enemies that have less than 30% of their health. The Skyward Spine can also work due to its Energy Recharge passive.

Dori’s recommended 4-star weapon is the Favonius Greatsword. This weapon increases Energy Recharge and provides energy for the team when Dori lands a critical hit. Dori can also use Sacrificial Greatsword to have a chance to reset the cooldown of her elemental skill after it is used. Lastly, the craftable Katsuragikiri Nagamasa or Forest Regalia are good for extra energy regeneration for Dori. For the early game, use the 3-star Ferrous Shadow due to its passive in HP to boost her healing.

Her recommended artifact set is the 4-piece Noblesse Oblige to raise Dori’s elemental burst damage while also providing an ATK buff to her team when she uses her burst. Another good option is the 2-piece Tenacity Of The Millelith and Emblem Of Severed Fate for extra Max HP and Energy Recharge. A 4-piece Emblem Of Severed Fate is suitable if you want to maximize her burst damage.

Dori’s main use will be her burst. You will want to aim for an Energy Recharge stat of 200%. HP will be important in her sub-stats to improve her healing.

Artifact stats for Dori:

  • Sands: Energy Recharge or HP%
  • Goblet: HP% or Electro DMG%
  • Circlet: HP% or Healing Bonus % or Crit Chance

In the sub-stats, look for HP% and Energy Recharge. Crit Rate will be good if you have the Favonius Greatsword equipped. Elemental Mastery can also help raise your reaction damage.

Dori Healer Build

Dori healer
Dori Healer Build

Like the first build, this build for Dori focuses on her elemental burst, but builds up more of her healing bonus with the use of the 4-piece Ocean Hued Clam. Dori’s burst is only capable of healing the active character, so you must be mindful of that with your team composition. This build requires you to build both her Energy Recharge and HP. You can focus less on Energy Recharge if you have another Electro character on the team.

For her teammates, Dori can help easily apply Electro for the Quicken reaction with the use of her burst and elemental skill. Both Tighnari and Collei will work to apply Dendro to enemies, with Tighnari taking the Main DPS role. Collei will serve as the sub DPS and can be replaced with the Dendro Traveler or another Electro character like the Raiden Shogun. Zhongli has a powerful shield that can protect Tignhari while he is firing off his charged attacks.

Both the Sacrificial Greatsword and The Bell are great 4-star weapons to equip on Dori. The Sacrificial Greatsword allows for extra Energy Regeneration and has a chance to reset the cooldown of her elemental skill after it is used. The Bell has a passive in Max HP, which will be useful in boosting the amount of healing Dori can provide. It’s passive skill won’t always work with Dori as she will be off the field for the majority of the time. Other good options are the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa, Forest Regalia, and Favonius Greatsword for their energy regeneration sub-stat. The Forest Regalia in particular works great in a Dendro team since its effects can only be activated by a Dendro reaction. This craftable weapon drops a Leaf of Consciousness when a Dendro reaction occurs due to the user. Any character that picks it up, gains increased Elemental Mastery for 12 seconds. For the early game, use the Ferrous Shadow due to its Max HP sub-stat.

Dori’s recommended artifact set for a healer build is the 4-piece Ocean-Hued Clam. This set increases her healing bonus and deals physical damage back to nearby enemies based on the amount that is healed, for up to 30,000 DMG. This set is great for any healer as it increases their overall healing amount and deals additional damage to the enemies.

Artifact stats for Dori:

  • Sands: Energy Recharge or HP%
  • Goblet: HP%
  • Circlet: HP% or Healing Bonus %

In the artifact’s sub-stats, look for mainly HP and Energy Recharge, since the healing of her burst scales off Dori’s Max HP.


Eula’s damage is boosted by other Superconduct reactions to reduce the enemy’s physical defenses.

Sara can buff the ATK of your Main DPS and activate the Electro team buff with Dori.

Zhongli will provide a shield for the team.

The Raiden Shogun can deal passive Electro DMG on the enemy. Her burst damage is also increased by using the burst of other characters.

Tighnari has a powerful charged attack capable of dealing Dendro DMG to the enemy.

Collei can apply Dendro to the enemy with her skill and has a wide-range burst.

Burst provides energy regeneration and heals the active characterEffects of burst only apply to the active character
Burst can easily apply Electro to enemiesWeak damage overall
Excellent energy battery for the teamCharacters must stay within range of her burst



Dori is a 4-star Electro support character. She excels in providing extra energy regeneration and healing the active character with her burst. Although her effects only apply to the active character, she can easily fulfill the role of support and healer in any team. Her own personal damage is low and requires heavy investments if you do decide to go the route of a DPS.

What do you think of Dori? Is there anything I missed? Let us know in the comments below! You can also reach out through our Twitter or my Discord handle Seyfrid#2589.

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