As a small gaming blog, I can’t hope to cover all the new and exciting games out there. I am always looking for new writers to join the team and help add interesting reviews, articles, and guides to the blog.

The Informal Gamer focuses on games from all sorts of backgrounds from indie hits to triple AAA titles. The blog is still small, but will continue to grow in the future. Currently, the blog doesn’t make any money and is free for everyone, but the content you publish can be added to your portfolio or resume!

This blog was started as a way to share my gaming experience. I would love to use its platform for others to share their gaming experience as well! You can either choose to write articles from time-to-time for the site or join the team and help grow the site! I do accept guest posts, but sale pitches or self-promotion posts will be ignored.

What we offer:

  • A free platform to share your thoughts on your favorite games and opinions
  • Credit toward your name in the byline
  • Portfolio Page with all your works posted (Requires at least 3 posts on the site)
  • Friendship and support 🙂
  • Become part of a team

What you can offer:

  • Gaming insight and knowledge
  • Articles about interesting games, articles, or guides with a preferred word count between 600-3000 words. Looking for an average of 1500 words per article.
  • Interesting Ideas
  • Ways to promote and grow the site
  • Following the style guideline for your posts

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at or through the form below. Please make sure to include a writing sample if you are interested in becoming a writer with at least 500+ words. Also mention, if you want to join the team or just post from time-to-time. You don’t have to have anything published beforehand to be considered for the position. Articles shouldn’t be published anywhere else on the internet. However, I do accept revisions of an article you have written with extra detail and changes.