Are you looking for an action-packed adventure game? Are you a fan of the anime series Boku no Hero? Then My Hero Academia: Strongest Hero is just the mobile game you are looking for! In MHA Strongest Hero you collect and play as your favorite heroes to fight crime throughout the city.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero was developed by Xin Yuan Studios and released in December 2020. It is available on both iOS and Android.

The world of My Hero Academia is bought to life in My Hero Academia: Strongest Hero. You play as the new head of a hero agency and are tasked with collecting heroes to fight against crime in the city. For those who don’t know the story of My Hero Academy or have forgotten some details, the game offers a chance for you to view cutscenes at the beginning of the game that will catch you up to speed. To summarize the main plot; most of the world’s population is given a special ability named a Quirk. The main story follows Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, who was born without a quirk. He is given the chance to meet his favorite hero All Might who passes down his quirk All For One to Deku, giving him enhanced strength and speed. With his new quirk, Deku is able to realize his lifelong dream of becoming the #1 hero.

Cutscene in My Hero Academia: Strongest Hero

The game does differ from the anime after you view the cutscene and alters the story a bit. As the head of a new hero agency, Izuku comes to you to do hero work. He is the first character you will be able to play as and control. As you complete quests in the game, you are able to unlock new features such as co-op and support cards used to boost your hero. There are a ton of features locked between a level mechanic, so you won’t be able to fully enjoy the game right away.

The main objective of the game has you doing multiple jobs as a hero from fighting villains to rescuing civilians from danger. That is really the core aspect of the game and the first couple of mission has you defeating villains while you master the skills of Deku. There is also co-op in the game, allowing you to play with or fight against over players.

Once you get into the game, it does become a bit repetitive as you are forced to redo missions to earn items and experience. However, the game offers a way for you to rush a mission and automatically complete it with the use of a Rush Card. These were fairly easy to get in the early game, but require you to complete the mission first before you can use it on that stage. It won’t take long for you to unlock everything as leveling up in the early game is easy to do. Just by completing missions and quests, you will gain quite a bit of levels.

The game also features an auto path system which you can use to find your way throughout the city without having to move your character. This feature does save you a lot of time, but takes out the incentive to explore the map. During mission quests, you are forced to use the auto path feature and to move her characters toward the villains to fight.

Combat System

is MHA: Strongest Heroes a good game?
Combat system in MHA: Strongest Heroes

While playing MHA: Strongest Hero, I found myself really enjoying the fast packed combat style the game offers. Every time you enter a fight, you are restrained to a small arena while enemies will be summoned for you to fight. You are able to move around the arena and use your powers to defeat the villains. For most of the modes, you are also able to create a team of 3 heroes that you can use in mission quests and battles. Once you unlock more characters, your heroes will also unlock new support skills where another hero will come help them in battle by doing a combo move.

Each character within the game offers a different move pool for you to use. Deku specializes in close combat and is great against single enemies. Generally, the character you obtain will have a Q, W, E, and R skill. The R skill is the character’s ultimate move and requires to be charged first before it can be used. The Q, W, and E skills have a cooldown before they can be used again, but your normal attack can be used as often as you like. Lastly, your heroes have a special move, and options to defend and dodge against attack. The skills can also be leveled up, allowing them to deal more damage. Each of the moves is displayed in a hud, allowing you to easily monitor each one and tap on it with a press of a finger.

Leveling up and upgrading your heroes will allow you to defeat stronger villains. Each hero upgrade does cost a lot of in-game money and requires you to farm certain items from the mission stages. However, I didn’t find it a need to farm as much as I had a lot of Rush Tickets that will automatically clear that level for you.


anime mobile games
Heroes in MHA

At the beginning of My Hero Academia: Strongest Hero, you will only have Deku unlocked. As you process through the story, you are able to obtain Denki Kaminari and Eijiro Kirishima. Each character has their own strength and weaknesses, but they are free to obtain and are not bad characters to have in terms of strength. They are classified as B-rank heroes, but you are able to upgrade them to a higher rank later on by collecting their shards.

To obtain new heroes, you must test your luck out on a summoning system. There are usually two banners you can summon new heroes from. One is the regular one and the other is the more limited time banner with a new character. Overall, I found the summoning system harsh for new players as the drop rates are low. Most of the time you will obtain character shards from the banner instead of a new character themselves. Character shards can be used to upgrade your characters or to unlock that character after you collect a certain amount. It becomes really difficult for you to get the hero you want and getting random character shards isn’t worth it when you must collect multiple of them to unlock that hero. There is a pity system in place where you can obtain a hero every 10 summons, but obtaining enough in-game currency to get 10 summons is difficult and requires multiple days of logging in the game.

What I Liked

MHA: Strongest Hero has a really addictive combat system and allows you to play as your favorite heroes from My Hero Academy. Each character offers a unique playstyle with their own strength and weaknesses. I found myself testing out each individual hero rather than just relying on one of them to do all the heavy work. Personally, I enjoy Kaminari’s playstyle as his lighting attacks can hit from afar and can deal damage to multiple enemies. You can feel the impact of each of the heroes’ moves as you deal damage to the enemies. The villains you face also aren’t difficult at the beginning of the game, but they do start to get harder as you process in the game.

Something else that I enjoyed about the game was its how many features it has to offer the player. As you gain levels, features such as the training quests, solo player missions, dorm rooms, and more will be unlocked to you. Leveling up also didn’t feel like a burden as you will get a lot of levels simply by playing the main story.

After completing stages, the game gives you the option to rush missions in case you need to farm more items from that stage. The game also has an auto path system that will take the player where they need to go. This saves players a lot of time from navigating the map and getting lost as the overworld can get confusing.

What I Didn’t Like

One of the complaints I have about the game is its gacha mechanic and how difficult it is to obtain new heroes. For free-to-play players, it is hard to obtain the currency to buy a summoning ticket. There are ways to obtain some free ones throughout the story quest, but does are limited. Even when you are able to summon a hero, you are often summoning a hero shard that requires you to obtain multiple copies before you can obtain that hero. Players that spend money on the game will get an advantage, especially when it comes to the competitive aspects of the game.

Throughout the game, you will also have to fight off against many villains. I do like the combat system, but having to fight with the same heroes every day does make each match repetitive. Especially for weaker bosses, I found myself just spamming the skill buttons even they are defeated.

I also didn’t feel as engaged with the story as I should and found myself skipping some of the dialogue. MHA: Strongest Heroes loosely follows the plot of the original anime, but those are regulated to side content. They will also reuse scenes from the anime as well. The game also has good graphics, but the 3D models do appear low res and awkward at times.


Kaminari’s special move

MHA: Strongest Hero strengths are its addictive battle system and its tie-in with the popular anime Boku no Hero. It is a great game for fans of the anime, but puts too much of an emphasis on the premium content within the game. Nothing is locked behind a payroll, but paying characters will ultimately do a lot better than free-to-play characters. This is normal for a lot of mobile games, but the gap in this game is a lot wider as players don’t always get a character when they summon. Overall, I enjoyed playing the game as I liked playing as my favorite heroes from the series, but I feel like the game doesn’t offer much to keep me playing past the first couple of chapters.

Gameplay 4/5

The game offers a lot of features from solo content to co-op modes. As you level up, you will unlock more things to do. Each hero felt unique and had their own move-set and play style. The story is decent, but the main push of the game falls in the ability to play as your favorite hero from My Hero Academy.

Enjoyability 3/5

I enjoyed playing the game, and its battle system and mechanics. The controls of the character can get buggy at times with the map not moving with your character. However, it doesn’t have too many bugs that prevent the player from enjoying the game. I do have a minor issue with how some of the story lines are handled with them reusing some of the scenes from the anime, which breaks away from the 3D environment of the game.

F2P Friendly 3.5/5

You can get through a majority of the battles within the game with the free characters that you are given. However, to get stronger characters or even the limited-time heroes like Momo or Endeavor, you are received to save your summoning tickets or get lucky with your summons. Paying players will also get access to more items and summoning tickets than the average player, giving them a better advantage when facing off against other players in rank matches. However, you are perfectly capable of beating the main story quests with the free characters you do get within the game.

Score: 3.3/5

What are your thoughts on My Hero Academia: Strongest Hero?

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Game Reviews: My Hero Academia (MHA) Strongest Hero

  1. I love how you’re complaining about gacha system in a gacha game. That’s like walking on ambers and complaining about it being hot. Gacha games are never F2P friendly. That system is never fair to all players.


    1. I completely understand that a lot of gacha games aren’t F2P friendly. But, there are often many other gachas that offer extra incentives . In the case here, you often times don’t even get a character, but a character shard that you must obtain multiple of before you can unlock them. You do get multiple free characters and as I mentioned, they are excellent to use in the story mode.


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