Bennett is the leader of Benny’s Adventure Team, a team operating under the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt. He was raised by a group of elderly adventurers after being left an orphan. Throughout all of his life, Bennett would constantly experience misfortune for himself and everyone around him. Despite these setbacks, Bennett has a burning passion to help others and seek out adventures, no matter the risks.

Bennett Guide

Benny’s Adventure Team is the only team in the Adventurer’s Guild with only 1 member. Everyone else left after being the victims of many accidents due to Bennett’s misfortune. Katheryne of the Adventurer’s Guild didn’t have the heart to tell him that everyone in the team has left, so she is letting him work by himself. He would often come back injured, but with a smile on his face.

Fun Fact: Bennett loves to eat and cook anything with meat.

Bennett is a 4-star Pyro sword user from the region of Mondstadt. He first appears within a Hangout Event in 1.4.

Bennett Skill Talents

Bennett’s main niches are his short cooldown and his ability to activate his elemental burst to provide support for himself and his teammates.

His normal attack, Strike of Fortune, deals up to 5 consecutive strikes at an enemy. His damage output is average compared to other sword users. For the most part, Bennett’s normal attack isn’t viable for a support build and can be ignored. However, it is decent to level up if you plan on using him as a DPS unit.

Bennett's ulimate
Bennett’s Elemental Burst

Bennett’s elemental skill, Passion Overload, creates a swift fiery strike on the enemy. This attack has multiple charge levels. Pressing down on the button will trigger 1 fire strike. Holding down the skill button will cause him to strike 2-3 times, depending on the level. The cooldown will also vary from 5 seconds to 10 seconds, depending on his charge level. His elemental skill is good to gather energy to refill his elemental burst. It has a short cooldown that is further reduced by his ascension talents. There is a drawback to his skill and Bennett and every enemy hit will be launched back after using his level 2 charge. His might be a hindrance for some, but can provide Bennett an escape opportunity to get away from danger. Bennett doesn’t take any damage after being launched back. This drawback is minimized with his Ascension 4 talent.

Bennett's skill
Bennett’s Burst

Bennett’s elemental, burst, Fantastic Voyage, will be the main focus of a lot of Bennet’s build. At its base level, his burst will create an initial Pyro burst, leaving a field-effect for 12 seconds. Every ally within this field will gain an ATK Bonus if their HP is above 70% and will regain HP if their health is equal to or below 70%. The HP regeneration and ATK bonus will be based on Bennett’s Base ATK and HP respectively. The cooldown is only 15 seconds, but requires 60 energy to activate. Without his first constellation, Bennett’s elemental burst can be restricting to use because it requires you to watch your HP%. His C1 will remove the HP requirement to his ATK Bonus so he can continually support his team. With his elemental burst, Bennett can also act as a sub healer to get the health of teammates to 70%. However, there is no way to heal above 70% and your team would require a second healer to fully restore your HP.

Bennett is an amazing character to use in co-op because of his ability to buff teammate attacks and heal them at the same time. He can also provide reliable pyro support to break shield with his elemental skill. Although, your teammates might find it a hassle if he keeps launching back.

Bennett Passive Talents

Bennett Talents
Bennett’s Talents

Both of Bennett’s ascension talents give his elemental skill, Passion Overload, a boost. The reduced cooldown from both of these talents will help him gather more energy to fill up his elemental burst.

Bennett’s first passive talent, It Should Be Safe…, reduces the time of his expeditions in Mondstadt. This talent isn’t helpful in combat and isn’t necessary unless you want to utilize resource collection through expeditions.

His second passive talent, Rekindle, reduces the cooldown of his elemental skill and is useful to gather more pyro energy for his burst. His C4 effect also pairs nicely with this talent to increase his damage output.

Bennett’s Ascension 4 talent, Fearnaught, reduces the cooldown of his elemental skill even further when inside the radius of his elemental burst. It will also prevent his elemental skill Level 2 from knocking him back inside his field. Like his Ascension 1 talent, this talent greatly boosts the power of his elemental skill, allowing you to use it more often without the drawback of him being launched.

Note: Bennett gets a boost to his Energy Recharge based on his ascension level.

It Should Be Safe…
Unlocked Automatically

When dispatched on an expedition in Mondstadt, time consumed is reduced by 25%.
Unlocked at Ascension 1

Decreases Passion Overload’s CD by 20%.
Unlocked at Ascension 4

When inside the area created by Fantastic Voyage, Passion Overload takes on the following effects:
CD is reduced by 50%.
Bennett will not be launched by the effects of Charge Level 2.

Bennett Constellations

Genshin Impact Bennett c1
Bennett’s Constellation Levels

At his base constellation level, Bennett can still be a decent support character. However, the use of his elemental burst has an HP restriction on his ATK buff without the aide of his C1. Most of the effects of his constellation levels provide upgrades to his elemental burst. Some of his constellation levels also grant him extra Pyro DMG, making him a budget Pyro DPS at C6.

C1:Grand Expectation will remove the HP restriction on Bennett’s ATK boost so allies within the field can still gain the ATK Bonus below 70% of their HP. This level helps Bennett provide more stability to teammates with low health so they can deal increased damage while regaining their health in his field. This constellation level will also provide an extra 20% boost to the ATK of everyone inside the field.

C2: Impasse Conqueror is another powerful constellation level that will increase Bennett’s Energy Recharge when his HP falls below 70%. This skill is useful to recharge his burst faster when Bennett is running on low health. However, this skill won’t always be in effect, so managing his HP will be necessary to make use of this effect.

C4: Unexpected Odyssey gives Bennett an extra attack after charging his elemental skill to Level 1. The attack will always deal 135% of the second attack’s damage. This will allow Bennett to deal 3 attacks without getting knocked back. This constellation level gives Bennett some extra firepower as a Pyro unit.

C6: Fire Ventures with Me allows Bennett to convert normal and charged attacks into Pyro DMG. It will also grant everyone within his elemental burst a 15% Pyro ATK Bonus. This constellation will be situational and will render normal attacks useless against pyro enemies. However, his skill works great to convert Bennett into a powerful DPS unit that can provide support for himself. It will also provide a boost to other pyro users to increase their attacks as well.

Constellation LevelsEffects
C1: Grand ExpectationFantastic Voyage’s ATK increases no longer has an HP restriction, and gains an additional 20% Base ATK.
C2: Impasse ConquerorWhen Bennett’s HP falls below 70%, his Energy Recharge is increased by 30%.
C3: Unstoppable FervorIncreases the Level of Passion Overload by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4: Unexpected OdysseyUsing a Normal Attack when executing the second attack of Passion Overload’s Charge Level 1 allows an additional attack to be performed. This additional attack does 135% of the second attack’s DMG.
C5: True ExplorerIncrease the Level of Fantastic Voyage by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6: Fire Ventures with MeSword, Claymore, or Polearm-wielding characters inside Fantastic Voyage’s radius gain a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus. Normal and Charged Attacks now do Pyro DMG.

Support Build


Bennett’s elemental burst make him a great support character that can be viable in multiple teams. This build focus on providing his team HP Regen and ATK buffs with his field effect. It would work without any constellation levels, but his C1 would remove the ATK Bonus restriction of his elemental burst. The skills that are top priority to level up are his elemental burst then his elemental skill. His normal attack is optional if you plan to attack with him. His teammates can include a variety of characters, but it is recommended to have another pyro character in the same team to receive the ATK boost. Pairing Bennett with a powerful DPS unit like Diluc or Tartaglia would also increase their damage output.

For his recommended weapon, the Skyward Blade, will increase Bennett’s energy recharge. It will also increase his normal attack and ATK SPD after using his elemental burst. This weapon will also increase his Movement SPD to avoid enemy attacks. The Aquila Favonia would also work for this build, but focuses more on Bennett’s Physical ATK.

Bennett’s other recommended weapon is the Sacrificial Sword. This weapon increases his energy recharge and has a chance to reset the cooldown of his elemental skill after using it. Both of these effects pair nicely for Bennett to use his elemental burst more efficiently. The Favonius Sword would also work since it can regenerate an elemental orb after Bennett hits a critical hit. However, this build doesn’t focus on Bennett’s Crit Rate, so the chances of landing a critical hit are based on luck.

For Bennett’s artifact set, you should go with the Noblesse Oblige to increase his potential as a support character. This set will increase the damage of his elemental burst and will grant his teammates an additional attack boost after casting his burst. The main stat you should focus on is energy recharge so Bennett can use his burst more often. HP and Healing Bonus would also be nice to boost the amount of HP recovered. It is important to remember there is a cap to how much Bennett’s burst can heal.

C6 Build

Bennett c6 build
C6 Pyro DPS

This build was crafted for those lucky enough to have Bennett at constellation level 6. This C6 skill grants him the ability to turn his normal attacks into pyro attacks while inside his elemental burst. It will also grant him a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus allowing his Pyro attacks to deal more damage. This build will allow Bennett to serve the role of a Pyro DPS that can support himself with his elemental burst. For this build, his elemental burst should be maxed out so you can effectively make use of its boost. His normal attack and elemental skill will also be important because of their ability to deal Pyro DMG. His teammate should be able to support him with reactions with his newfound powers. You can also use his build to increase the power of other Pyro units on your team.

For his recommended weapon, the Skyward Blade is a 5-star weapon that will increase Bennett’s energy recharge and increase the DMG of his normal attack after using his elemental burst. The Aquila Favonia would not work well for this build because its Physical Attack Bonus will not be transferred over inside his elemental burst.

The Lion’s Roar is another weapon that would work well with this build because it increases Bennett’s overall ATK and DMG against enemies affected by pyro. The Sacrificial Sword, Iron Sting, and The Flute will also work with this build. The Sacrificial Sword can reset his elemental skill cooldown while the Iron Sting can increase all DMG dealt to enemies after Bennett lands a pyro attack.The Flute can also deal extra ATK DMG to surrounding enemies with its passive effect. For the extra ATK buff, the Sapwood Blade has a high base attack.

For his recommended artifact set, Bennett can properly make use of the 4-piece Lavawalker. Its 2-piece bonus won’t be very beneficial to him, but the 4-piece bonus will give Bennett a 35% increased DMG toward enemies affected by Pyro. You can also use a 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames to boost Bennett’s Pyro DMG and reaction damage. A 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale and Crimson Witch of Flames would also work to increase his Pyro DMG% and ATK%. The stats you should focus on will vary based on your preference. However, you should focus on energy recharge to use his elemental burst more often to convert his attacks into pyro attacks. The other sub-stats should depend on how you want to build him. Focus on Crit Rate and DMG if you prefer a Critical Build on Bennett or HP if you want to heal more effectively with him. ATK% and Pyro DMG% are overall solid choices so Bennett can deal more damage with his attacks.


Tartaglia is a powerful DPS unit that can make use of the buff from Bennett’s elemental burst.

Fischl can provide electro reactions with both her skill and burst.

Having two pyro characters will increase the ATK of the entire team. At C1, her elemental skill will also reduce Pyro RES of enemies.

Diona genshin impact
Diona (Cryo)

Diona can heal and shield against enemy attacks. She can also provide cryo effects for reactions.

Barbara is a healer that can be easily obtained through story progression.

Diluc is another power DPS unit that can make use of Bennett’s elemental burst.

Amazing support with his elemental burstKnockback with his elemental skill can be a hassle
Can heal and buff teammatesElemental burst has HP requirements
Short cooldown with his skillsNeed to be C1 to remove HP restriction on ATK Bonus

Recommended Domains: Andrius, Stormterror, Cecilia Garden, Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula, Forsaken Rift, Midsummer Courtyard, Peak of Vindagnyr


Bennett Pyro Build
Benny’s Adventure Squard

Bennett is a powerful support character with the ability to heal his team and give them an ATK boost. He is often considered unlucky as he is always coming back from missions injured. As a result, Bennett has taught himself to be useful in a variety of attacks from healing to attacking enemies. This is best seen in his C6 effect, where he turns from a supporting role for other characters to a more frontline fighter that can support himself. Overall, Bennett is a solid character for any well-balanced team.

What do you think of Bennett? Is there anything I missed? Let us know in the comments below! You can also reach out through our Twitter or my Discord handle Seyfrid#2589.

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