Support characters are an essential part of any team in Genshin Impact. They are primarily in charge of making sure your team stays healthy or provides a buff in various ways. Here is a list of the top support characters in Genshin Impact that any team needs! The order of this list is not ranked in any particular way!

This unlucky adventurer has one of the best support bursts in the game. Fantastic Voyage can not only heal your team, but it can also provide a nice ATK buff to anyone standing in the range of the burst field. While Bennett’s field is active, every character with less than 70% of their health will regain health for 12 seconds. This burst will only heal the party member’s health back up to 70%. You must optimize his energy recharge to fully take advantage of his burst. Without any constellation levels, his ATK increase does have a health requirement that will only activate when their health is above 70%. However, this requirement is taken away with his constellation 1 effect. The ATK buff will also only take his base ATK into consideration when applying the buff to his team. Despite, these restrictions, Bennett makes a great party member for those wanting a character that can buff and heal the team.

Diona’s support ranges from shield generation to party healing. With her elemental burst, Signature Mix, she will unleash an icy field that will regenerate HP for characters within, while constantly dealing Cryo DMG to enemies. It does have a high energy cost and will last for 12 seconds. Diona’s elemental skill Icy Paws creates a shield that will absorb damage. Both the strength of her shield and her burst’s healing scales off her Max HP. The duration of her shield is based on the number of Icy Paws that hit the enemy. Diona also comes with the ability to reduce enemy defenses in her burst and decrease stamina consumption with both her ascension talents. At constellation 6, Diona’s burst will gain the power to increase the character’s elemental mastery and increase the healing it provides.

Kazuha’s ascension talent, Poetics of Fuubutsu, boosts the elemental damage of the element he Swirls with for 8 seconds. This buff can work with multiple elements at once, and can also be easily triggered with both his elemental skill and burst. Kazuha’s burst is also great to apply elements to the enemy as long as it comes into contact with his burst.

This Hydro support character works great alongside any DPS character to apply Hydro to enemies and trigger reactions. When Xingqiu’s burst is active, the active character’s normal attack triggers his sword rain attack, dealing Hydro DMG alongside their regular attack. This move works great alongside characters who can infuse their normal attack with elemental damage like Hu Tao or Keqing. Xingqiu can also summon Rain Swords that will reduce the damage a character takes and can also regenerate a portion of their health when his ascension 1 talent is activated.

Zhongli has one of the strongest shields within the entire game. When his elemental skill is active, Zhongli will create a shield that will absorb both physical and elemental damage. This shield’s strength will scale off his Max HP. It will last until it is broken or its duration wears off. The Jade Shield allows characters to safely take hits without dodging enemy attacks. With his ascension 1 talent, Zhongli’s shield will increase the active character’s shield strength whenever the shield takes damage, and will increase up to 5 stacks.

Although Mona can’t heal or protect you like the other characters on this list, her elemental burst will increase your character’s damage against enemies affected by her burst. Stellaris Phantasm traps enemies in a bubble, applying them with Hydro, and increasing the damage dealt against them. Her ascension skill also increases Mona’s Hydro DMG based on the amount of Energy Recharge she processes.

Sucrose is able to share her elemental mastery with the team, allowing her teammates to deal increased reaction damage. She is also great at crowd control, as she can pull enemies closer together to make them easier to hit. Venti also deserves an honorable mention as he is also great at crowd control, but he doesn’t provide any buffs for the party.

Jean’s burst can heal any active party member within it and lasts 20 seconds. Her burst is great at healing and she can also apply Anemo to the party member to clean them of any elements.

Honorable Mentions

These characters can also be used a support character, but lacks certain elements that make them less favorable than the other characters.

This 5-star Cryo healer is a great healer, but is toppled by the fact that she can only heal your team. Her elemental burst also comes with a high energy cost that makes her hard to use. Qiqi’s elemental skill has a cooldown of 30 seconds, which isn’t reliable enough in the late game to be used against more powerful enemies.

Like Qiqi, Barbara’s main kit revolves around healing the team. Her burst does no damage and also costs 80 energy to activate. As a catalyst user, Barbara can constantly apply Hydro to enemies and can be used that way to support her teammates.

Noelle can provide a shield for your team to absorb damage. She can also heal the team when she uses her normal attack while her shield is active. The main problem is that her shield and healing scale off her DEF, and she will need her burst to be active to deal any good damage against the enemy. It also only has a 50% chance to heal when she has no constellation levels. Noelle needs her constellation levels to fully support her team. It is also important to note that her burst gives her an ATK buff based on her DEF. This buff only applies to her and does not provide any support for the team.

Did I miss any support characters? What supports are you using on your team? Let us know in the comments below! You can also reach out through our Twitter or my Discord handle Seyfrid#2589.

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